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What is Dieselpunk?

Dieselpunks logoDieselpunk is an art style that blends the spirit of the 1920s - 1950s with contemporary technology and attitude.

We are inspired by roaring movement and revolution: jazz, modern art, world wars, streamlined technology, pulp adventure, and film noir. Our goal is to combine the zeitgeist of the past with today's ideas in order to build a better tomorrow.



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Deven Science posted a discussion

The Red Baron Bicycle

Looking over the site, I realized it's been a long time since I've posted any of my Dieselpunk related bicycle builds. And yes, there have been a few. The diesel style is in me, so most of my bikes have some amount of *punk influence, just some more obviously than others. Most recently my builds are new scratch built frames with vintage parts. But this time, I wanted to show you a bike I built I call the Red Baron. Similar to a previous build I posted, I was going for a 1910 Indian motorcycle…See More
18 hours ago
Sebastain Wiers posted photos
Michael Data posted a discussion

What is up with the site ?

Hello everyone. I have not been on the site in some time so I wanted to know what happened when I come to the site it looks like thishttps://31.media.tumblr.com/467447d47fb3e5fe7f52b15c1864cec2/tumblr_n964nxmnIN1ry4s2xo1_1280.pngSo whats going on ???See More
Tome Wilson posted videos
Tome Wilson posted a video

Delilah (1926) Waltz

Played by the Ariel dance orchestra.
Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn added a discussion to the group Authors and Storytellers

I'm writing a free-to-read Dieselpunk compilation(and I'm doing requests!)

So after looking up stuff about Weird War 2 and watching Tales From the Crypt, I was also reading the Dieselpunk Anthology Ecase books. They're free, but they're not good. Like... at all. They're short, they have a beginning and end, and they're in a Deiselpunk setting. But they're not good enough to "represent" the Dieselpunk writing. When something has the name "Dieselpunk" in it, we as the readers expect it to be the symbol and the classic look. But when it's a bunch of average to below…See More
Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn added a discussion to the group Authors and Storytellers

Weird World War 2 recommendations, anyone?

So I'm a huge fan of World War 2 fiction, but I'm not so much into the "based on a true story" thing. What I love are wunderwaffe(Wonder Weapons) and Occult or fantasy creatures/artifacts from pulp fiction and comics and the like!Does anyone know of any good ones that they care to share? Remember, it can be a prototype of the war or even(preferably) from a comic, book, movie, or game that is detailed enough to be mentionable. Death Rays, proto laser rifles, nazi jet packs, anything sci fi.I…See More
Jul 18
Christopher James Moore added a discussion to the group Music and Musicians

Portuguese Electroswing?

Whilst listening to the playlist of solid awesomeness here at dieselpunks.org, I’ve been hearing songs of a few different languages. Out of curiosity, could anyone recommend any good electroswing, or anything similar to the music played here, in Portuguese? See More
Jul 17

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