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A place to meet and chat with fellow dieselpunks and steampunks. Feel free to introduce yourself here. Topics for discussion include: music, games, books, art, fashion, and everything *punk.

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Welcome to Dieselpunks

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Welcome to the retrofuture!

Dieselpunk is a style of art that combines the spirit of the Jazz Age (1920s-1945) with a contemporary twist. We welcome all people from all nations and all walks of life.

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CaptainTangoPunk posted videos
Brian JP Craig added a discussion to the group Movies

Dieselpunk Christmas?

Kind of a weird one, but watching Hallmark Christmas movies (my mom & wife are addicted), I noticed an add for a new one on Sunday, November 27 (and I'm sure it will be rebroadcast like 900 times after that) called Journey Back to Christmas. It stars Candice Cameron Bure and looks to have a bit of a dieselpunk vibe. It's about a World War II nurse who is magically transported to 2016 where she learns that the magic of Christmas is eternal (or something like that). But Candice looks pretty…See More
Nov 25
Christopher Lee Rose posted a discussion


I was looking through pictures of bicycles ranging from 1930 to present. It just boggles my mind how the bicycle has remained virtually unchanged for over eighty years. Certainly there have been some slight alterations in the frame and materials used, but the basic design is still the same. It got me to thinking about a Schwinn frame I found recently. Yes, it is a modern frame, but I am wondering how close can I style it to look like a Schwinn from the 1940's, and yes, Schwinn was a thing back…See More
Nov 18
Brian JP Craig added a discussion to the group Fashion

Possibly a Great Resource

I said "possibly" because I've just skimmed some of the site so far, but "Vintage Dancer" seems to provide both fashion guides for everything from the Victorian era (including Steampunk) to the 1960s, along with links to sites that sell much of the clothing! I plan to be spending some time there over the next few weeks....http://vintagedancer.com/See More
Nov 17
Stephen Vossler posted a discussion

Classification ?

If Hardboiled Detective Noir is an element of Dieselpunk would you consider Moebius's "The Long Tomorrow" to be within the genre of Dieselpunk?The first published comic seems more futuristic or retrofuturistic but consider the treatment by Moebius and Dan O'Banon for the stillborn Columbia/Tristar television series, produced by Hillard Elkins.…See More
Nov 16
Brian JP Craig posted a discussion

Elements of Dieselpunk.

The Top 10 post (http://www.dieselpunks.org/forum/topics/dieselpunk-top-ten?xg_source=activity) got me thinking of a similar topic: the elements of DP design.My wife is more into Steampunk (which I also enjoy), and the elements of Steampunk seem pretty set: leather, wood, brass fittings, muted colors, gears (LOTS of gears), etc. What would you say are the corresponding elements for Dieselpunk? A few pics…See More
Nov 14
Alena posted a discussion

A Few of My Favorite Things

Greetings gentlefolk, I’m always on the lookout for more DieselPunk fiction, whether it be movies, TV, books or other media.  I thought I’d list a few that are maybe not so well known and perhaps y’all could join in as well.Oh and period pieces that work as DP are also welcome. TelevisionTales of the Gold Monkey:  A one season wonder from the early 80’s. It was an Action-Adventure show set in the South Pacific during the 30’s with an Indiana Jonesish feel to it. I was a big fan as a kid but…See More
Nov 13
Alena posted a discussion

International DieselPunk Day

Happy DieselPunk Day!Looking back through the archives I notice that Nov. 12th was chosen as DieselPunk day.  Was that just a one off?Personally, I think we should observe it every year.  Does anyone else agree?I'm going to celebrate by watching some DP movies, like Sky Captain and the Rocketeer.See More
Nov 12

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