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A place to meet and chat with fellow dieselpunks and steampunks. Feel free to introduce yourself here. Topics for discussion include: music, games, books, art, fashion, and everything *punk.

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Welcome to Dieselpunks

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Welcome to the retrofuture!

Dieselpunk is a style of art that combines the spirit of the Jazz Age (1920s-1945) with a contemporary twist. We welcome all people from all nations and all walks of life.

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mac miller posted a photo
16 hours ago
Brian JP Craig posted a discussion


Saw an ad on Comixology for an "Alternate Reality Sale," featuring something called Wunderwaffen, which asks what would have happened if the D-Day invasion had failed. Sounded kinda dieselpunky to me...See More
Stuart added a discussion to the group Games

Noir World

I found Noir World on Kickstarter yesterday and it sounds like a rather fun project. You can see it over at Kickstarter Noir WorldJudging by the write-up it sounds sound really versatile, going from noir to deiselpunk to atompunk and even into cyberpunk.You can also hear the game in action at the One Shot podcast.See More
Apr 11
Brian JP Craig added a discussion to the group Authors and Storytellers

Diesel Steam?

Not STRICTLY writing-related, but I feel like this is something a bunch of world-building authors might help with...I identify more as a dieselpunk with steampunk leanings. My wife identifies more with steampunk, although she's expressed some interest in various dieselpunk elements. So I was wondering if it might be possible to craft a world combining elements of both? I've been kicking it around and can't seem to find anything that "clicks." They might be too different, but I keep thinking…See More
Apr 8
Dim Bulbs posted a discussion

Possible Dieselpunk Themes

Hey everyone,As the title suggests, I was wondering if anyone knows of any common themes or motifs that are usually found in dieselpunk related stories.I've been doing research on my own & I know that the most common themes include dystopian societies, emphasis on the World Wars, & a focus on fads of the era such as Jazz. However, I was hoping if to see if there any other themes that I may have missed or may not be able to find on other sites.See More
Apr 7
JazzFeathers posted a discussion

My Film Noir April

Hi everyone ^_^Just wanted to mention that I'm partecipating in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge, blogging every day of April about a choosen theme. My theme it's 1940s Film Noir. Not reviews of the films, but more of a social analysis of the phenomenon. You can follow my posts at the link below. I've already posted the firsts.http://theoldshelter.com/atoz-challenge-theme-reveal-blogfest-day-2017/Hope I'll see some…See More
Apr 4
Art Deco posted a discussion


Hi, all.So, I may be slow on the uptake (I only really found out that Dieselpunk was a term about a year ago), but I've just discovered that there's another "punk" known as Decopunk.Apparently Decopunk focuses more on the clean, streamlined aesthetic of the 1930s through to the 1950s. It's all very "World of Tomorrow" as opposed to dark, dirty grim-darkness.Maybe it was just me, but my preferred form of Dieselpunk was always the clean art deco, World of Tomorrow aspect. Maybe I'm a closet…See More
Apr 3
Kevin Seguin posted a discussion

Dieselpunk From Southern California

Greetings! I'm a Dieselpunk enthusiast from Southern California. I found out about the genre a few years ago, and recently decided to branch out on different places online. Subculture is something that has always fascinated me - particularly how it relates to music genres. With that in mind, I would say my favorite Dieselpunk musical style falls within the Electro Swing spectrum of genres currently. I'm interested in finding about more types of music, aesthetics, and literature related to…See More
Mar 28

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