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What is Dieselpunk?

Dieselpunks logoDieselpunk is an art style that blends the spirit of the 1920s - 1950s with contemporary technology and attitude.

We are inspired by roaring movement and revolution: jazz, modern art, world wars, streamlined technology, pulp adventure, and film noir. Our goal is to combine the zeitgeist of the past with today's ideas in order to build a better tomorrow.



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JazzFeathers added a discussion to the group Authors and Storytellers


Hi guys :-)Just wanted to share my Pinterest board about dieselpunk with youhttp://www.pinterest.com/jazzfeathers/diesel-noir/I know some of you also have a board (say, Bard, I'm following you, man ;-)). Maybe you want to share too? I'm building my blog too. After years of thinking, I'd like to, but I don't knwo what to write in it, I've finally decided. There's nothing on there at the moment, only the bare structure, I'll send…See More
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Tie One Off

Either you’re ready or you’re not.Decide.Right now.The only currency we have in this bankrupt world is to be honest and unmerciful.We wait for the silence that never comes,And we keep on livin’ out of sheer habit.Time is now to tie this off.© Mark…
Boneflower added a discussion to the group Music and Musicians

Claus Hempler - Charmschool for Popsingers

Back in 1999 Claus Hempler recorded his first solo album Charmschool for Popsingers, a collection of jazz cover songs. I didn't discover it until a few years ago, but it is certainly worth a listen. Among my favourites are his versions of Wait until dark, Maybe September and Angel Eyes. Especially Angel Eyes.It wasn't a big hit back then, but then, it is radically different from the music he was known for before he went solo.The album can be downloaded for free at Last.fm, quite legally: …See More
Bobby C. posted a discussion

True Detective

Forgive me all those teeth on the floor - it must have fallen out when my jaw hit the floor after watching just another episode of True Detective. But what's that mighty force that left me awestruck and astonished? Oh, just a neo-noir, southern gothic story with tangible lovecraftian influences.And. It's. Great.While not certainly dieselpunk, it's 100% noir and 100% fitting under tags we all seek for. There's a mystery, there's tough detectives, there's seductive gals, there's doggone King in…See More
A discussion started by Travis James Leland was featured

Show Off Your Digs

All right, youse guys and dolls. For a few years now, you've been showing off your duds. Now, let's show off our digs. Ya know, the place where you hang your hat. Show us your diesel age or diesel inspired home, office, car, bathroom, whatever.I'll start us off. Here's a photo of my home office complete with a candlestick phone and a faux-vintage radio that hooks into my mp3 player so I can listen to the Diesel Powered Podcast.So, show me what ya got!See More
Boneflower posted a discussion

Pixel Noir kickstarter

Another kickstarter that I stumbled upon: Pixel Noir.It looks like a fun mix of 16-bit noir adventure game a lá Final Fantasy 7 and added 3D lighting effects.…See More
Tome Wilson added a discussion to the group Music and Musicians

Captain Flatcap's weekly electroswing show on Mixcloud

Check out Captain Flatcap's weekly electroswing show "The Swing Thing" on KFMP out of the UK.  It has a nice mix of music from not just electroswing bands, but also glitch hop and ghetto funk.  It should keep your feet tapping.I'll be collecting my musical favorites (like Captain Flatcap) at our new MixCloud branch > http://www.mixcloud.com/dieselpunks/If you're also on MixCloud and/or have a show we should be listening to, let us know!See More
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