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A place to meet and chat with fellow dieselpunks and steampunks. Feel free to introduce yourself here. Topics for discussion include: music, games, books, art, fashion, and everything *punk.

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Welcome to Dieselpunks

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Welcome to the retrofuture!

Dieselpunk is a style of art that combines the spirit of the Jazz Age (1920s-1945) with a contemporary twist. We welcome all people from all nations and all walks of life.

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Latest Activity

Alena posted a discussion

International DieselPunk Day

Happy DieselPunk Day!Another trip around the Sun,Time for some DieselPunk fun!See More
Nov 12
Robert_McKinney posted a discussion

A New Dieselpunk Book of Short Stories

Hey guys. This post is basically 100% spam, but I figure that it's at lest spam that dieselpunks will be interested in. So maybe it's more like 98% spam, or a flat 90% if I'm lucky.I wrote a bunch of dieselpunk short stories and put them up on Amazon as an ebook. It's called City of Smoke and Iron - Season One, and you can grab a copy of it here if you like. Most of the stories take place in the eponymous city, but one or two…See More
Oct 30
Deven Science posted a discussion

Long and Low Western Flyer

I've had this Western Flyer reproduction for a while. I believe these were done in the 80s. It's not really worth much (I traded a wheel set for it), but it's cool, and looks old, making it a good option to dice up. The plan was to cut it up, slam it down to the ground, low and low. The goal was to have the fender be the highest point of the bike. Here was the starting point:…See More
Oct 7
Brian JP Craig posted a discussion

Dieselpunk Tech

The Netflix show The White Rabbit Project features Tori, Grant, and Kari of Mythbusters fame spending an episode looking at (and ranking) various types of technology, based on the episode's theme. Episode 9 is called "Invented before its time?" and features early techological breakthroughs that mirrored modern tech but failed to catch on (usually because the technology was too primitive). And 5 of the 6 technologies they discuss are from the early 1900s, firmly in the dieselpunk era! So check…See More
Aug 8
Stoney Lonesome Productions™ posted a video

The Cricket

It's February 31, 1921...witness this Lonesome, early record session. Using the latest, state of the art, Edison recording equipment, and with the good fortune based in ancient forklore, Fiddlin' Dave Shaw and Stoney Lonesome "cut wax" that they…
Aug 2
Scott P. 'Doc' Vaughn added a discussion to the group Artists

WARBIRDS OF MARS Comic now available

I plan to also upload this to Comixxology, but in the meantime, I have finished and made available through my Etsy Store (and warbirdsofmars.com) the first issue of the new continuation of the WARBIRDS webcomic, WARBIRDS OF MARS - THE GOLDEN AGE #1!There's only a few copies of the Variant Cover (below) by Mike DeBalfo left!…See More
Jul 10
Jules Belanich posted an album

Old Artwork

Some of my older stuff.
Jun 25
Salim Farhat posted a discussion

Alternate history idea: Hollywood without the Hayes Code

So I went back to watching some old Golden Age movies (specifically an Abbott and Costello movie) and I remember thinking about some worldbuilding I was doing a while ago about an alternate Hollywood without the Hayes Code being in existence and just how Hollywood movies of the 1930s to the early 60s would have looked like if that code never gained any traction.Now as we all know, the Hayes Code was done on purpose as a self-regulating thing in order to prevent the government from stepping in…See More
Jun 7

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