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The tenets of dieselpunk culture

Scripted on March 2, 2010 by Tome Wilson. Offered to this forum to promote discussion and unity within the dieselpunk community. The tenets…

Started by Tome WilsonLatest Reply

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International DieselPunk Day

Happy DieselPunk Day! Another trip around the Sun, Time for some DieselPunk fun!

Started by Alena

0 Nov 12

A New Dieselpunk Book of Short Stories

Hey guys. This post is basically 100% spam, but I figure that it's at lest spam that dieselpunks will be interested in. So maybe it's more…

Started by Robert_McKinney

0 Oct 30

Designing dieselpunk flight outfits

OK, so after finishing my novella (published in Authors and storytellers, BTW), I decided to get back to my original dieselpunk military no…

Started by Salim Farhat

22 Oct 11
Reply by Captain

Long and Low Western Flyer

I've had this Western Flyer reproduction for a while. I believe these were done in the 80s. It's not really worth much (I traded a wheel se…

Started by Deven Science

0 Oct 7

What would you really like out of Diesel Punk?

This is not trolling or an attempt to put folks on the spot but, at the end of the day, what are you hoping to do as a DP?  Dress up?  Coll…

Started by Captain

23 Sep 29
Reply by Captain

Dieselpunk Tech

The Netflix show The White Rabbit Project features Tori, Grant, and Kari of Mythbusters fame spending an episode looking at (and ranking) v…

Started by Brian JP Craig

1 Aug 26
Reply by Deven Science


Hi, all. So, I may be slow on the uptake (I only really found out that Dieselpunk was a term about a year ago), but I've just discovered th…

Started by Art Deco

14 Jul 30
Reply by Tony Austin

AIr Force Pilot 1940's

Link to one of my favourite LIFE covers:   http://www.life.com/image/53367041/in-gallery/23030#index/13   Shirley Slade on the cover in 194…

Started by Doc Spencer

5 Jul 19
Reply by Captain


I'm not looking to start a fight here; I'm just curious about something I keep going back and forth on... Neo-Pulp is a literary genre wher…

Started by Brian JP Craig

5 Jun 24
Reply by Stephen Vossler

Alternate history idea: Hollywood without the Hayes Code

So I went back to watching some old Golden Age movies (specifically an Abbott and Costello movie) and I remember thinking about some worldb…

Started by Salim Farhat

2 Jun 17
Reply by Deven Science


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