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Hello once again everyone.

Today whilst cleaning my room, I stumbled upon an old helmet I've had for a while (since I was about 8-9).



As you can see, it looks to be from the post WWI era. I recently washed off a boatload of chalk doodles from when I was younger (oh youth). But, now it's throughly cleaned of chalk and I thought it would only be right to share it.

The story behind it, is when I was about 8 years old, we were moving from Northern Michigan, to Downeast Maine. I was heavily into military history and memorabilia (still very much am) and we had these neighbors who knew of it. Well, they also frequented flea markets, and flea markets in the Mitten tend to crarry some good finds, so they went to one, and got me this very helmet as a memorial day gift.

My thing at the time was definetly WWI so you can imagine how stoked I was to recieve a genuine article WWI era military helmet. But all this time I never really bothered to actually LOOK at it in it's entirety, and today when I cleaned it, I did just that.

Now, the first thing I noticed was the date + initials on the back brim of the helmet:  


FKS with a marred out 1, no discernable second number, and 26-28 on it. So it leads me to believe that it was, well, made in 1926 or 28. But! It could just be some markings form someone who had the helmet at a later time, who knows?


But then when you look close enough at this picture, you'll see it has the ribbed edges of a steelworkers helmet or for an MP:


And here's a side view:



It also has fragments of the very original helmet straps, and hinges in good condition as seen in these next two pictures:



And here is a view of the inside of the helmet itself:



And finally, here is a "d-bag mirror" picture of me, with the helmet, as a demonstration:


I thank you all for taking the time to look at my helmet, and my mug. :)

Cheers and good day, - Ansel H.

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Very cool. I did some internet work and all of the hits show that it's FKS likely a WWI doughboy helmet and the FKS is the manufacturers mark. However the last numbers of don't indicate the year.

At least that's what I've found.

Very cool .

Sweet! Reminds me of a helmet I saw in a military surplus store (they had a bunch of cool stuff there, like a set of samurai armor lol). Very nice.

Okay, your towns Surplus place is awesome. Not every day you'd find something like that in one of those places!

Actually, did it have this design, and if so, what was the coloration, as I'm looking to restore this thing someday.

JerreyRough said:

Sweet! Reminds me of a helmet I saw in a military surplus store (they had a bunch of cool stuff there, like a set of samurai armor lol). Very nice.

Unfortunately the one I looked at was as recognizable as yours, if not worse. They had a second one, but I didn't get a good look at it (I wasn't so interested after hearing the first one was $150 and the second $250). Next time I'm in West Edmonton Mall I'll be sure to get a better look though.

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