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As many of you know, hair is a very important part of fashion. Does anyone have dieselpunk hair and if so can you post pics and tips on how you do it?

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I trim them very short, almost to the skin. It is practical and manly, and since I wear a hat when outdoor there is temperature problem.
I have a diesel era style. Basically a Louise Brooks bob but slightly longer, and dyed black. I'll post pics as soon as I have 'em. ;)

Classic hair fashion for men in the West didn't really change too much since the '20s.

Sure, there's been trends, but the classic high and tight, or the blue blood comb-over is still too popular to really call it "punk."

For women though, there's always "the bob" and ever elusive "victory curls."


My wife highly recommends this book for women:

"Vintage Hairstyling: Retro styles with step by step instructions" by Lauren Rennells

When I had hair I used to slick it back. It was almost a Brylcream look.


Now I prefer the Hair Alternative Treatment look.

For guys I find the keys are:

1) Find a good barber. Don't waste your time some uni-sex salon. Get a real, neighborhood barbershop.

2) Go dressed nice to the barber. When I went in I was in a suit and tie. This connects into item 3

3) State "conservative" and "old fashioned" to the barber. Make sure you let the barber know what you want.

4) Take a spotter. A girlfriend, wife, significant other, etc... to keep an eye and willing to speak up if it's not up to standard

5) Use a pomade. Pomade was very popular in the diesel era. I use "Clear Ice" by Ampro.

THANKS ALL!!!!! I stuck with the curls.... i almost look like shirly temple :D....

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