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I just got my first pictures of my walking tank 3D prototype today so I wanted to share. If you've been following along with the web comic you'd know this tank made it's first appearance last week. I plan on painting it next week, but for now here is a photo of it un-assembled!

And a link to the comic where it first shows up!


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Details man!  We need more details!

You can't just dangle an unassembled war machine in front of us and not expect us to ask questions.

Ha ha ha, details huh? 

Well this is totally just to use at comic conventions to get people to stop at the booth.  When finished it will stand 6 inches tall.  I might mix it in to some games of Dust Tactics if I can get around to it, but other than that I just wanted to see what the process was like for making a miniature prototype. 



I finished painting this guy, here is a link to more pictures and info about the process.


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