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A 1920s-30s video camera (My first Dieselpunk project)

  I've been attending "old timey" fairs, railroad shows, etc for a few years now. Some times I go in my best steampunk cloths and wanted a camera to match. So here is my steam punk video camera. I based it on the Cine Kodaks and other amateur movie cameras of the period. The case is 1/4" wood from a hobby store. It's painted with a crinkle texture paint from Pep Boys. The lens is a 30mm to 26mm filter adapter,  and the crank and speed knob are off old movie cameras from antique stores in the area. The dial on the back is from a light meter that broke a few years ago. The crank actually turns and folds up like the originals did. I used a 1/4" nut zert used to screw legs in to furniture.

 The camera is a Samsung model a503. I used this camera because it's compact and it shoots video in 4:3 (standard def) at both 16 and 24 fps. 16 fps is the speed most if not all home movie cameras used until the 1960s and 24 fps is the standard for film even today. When projected on a 100" screen, it has a soft grainy film look to it.

 There are a few things I'm not happy with. I tried to rig some buttons on the top to control the camera with but had to settle for a finger hole on top to start and stop filming. I'm also really not happy with the silver around the knob in back. It was suppose to have three markings. S for still, 16 for 16 fps and24 for 24 fps. up close it looks like c**p. I,m going to change it out later. 

  I'm glad for the way it turned out. Now I have a camera i can take to re-enactments and diesel punk conventions. I thank you in advance for your comments and criticisms.




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 A couple of more shots. This shows the camera inside with the door opened, and the top cover that I use to access the camera controls.

                              thanks again.


Very cool idea! Simple, too, just having it hidden inside, but simple almost always works well.

The only thing I would add is a wooden legged tripod, to be more correct. Maybe an old paint easel, or old surveyor's tripod? 

Excellent! I really like it.

Good work.

  The only thing I would add is a wooden legged tripod, to be more correct. Maybe an old paint easel, or old surveyor's tripod?

   Yeah, a wooden tripod is next on the list. I'll have to make it because the ones made for cameras ain't cheap.

                                                                                                                Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Very clever idea. I have been toying for some time with the plan to enclose a simple still camera in an outer case that would mimic a plate camera of the 1890/1900 period. You have given me some enthusiasm for the project now!

hey - this is something i can get into!

this is a shot of one of my old cameras i've set-up to take digital images with!

i normally use a bacolite  kodak brownie from the early 50's, but this particular camera is a zeiss ikon, from the 30's... using them is like looking through a time-tunnel ...

Very cool. I love projects like this.

It's a really cool idea. The only dieselpunk thing I'm planning on doing soon is just building up a WW2 style aviator outfit. I've been hunting for all the right bits to construct one, but I've been coming short on actual WW2 clothes at my local military surplus stores. I did, however, find an absolutely gorgeous pair of goggles that would scream dieselpunk. Next week I will be buying them and show them off here.

I like it! its really genius. the only thing left is the tripod to be the same style as the camera.

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