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I´m sure you´re all familiar with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I was wondering if the US goverment was looking to set up something similar in the 1930s, who do you think would be included? Who would be possible enemies?

I suppose Doc Savage would make a good leader of the group, and he seems to have a good mix of talents. The Shadow would work well for more stealthy missions.

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Well let's see...

The Green Hornet and Kato

If you can add in fictional characters invented after the 1930s but set in the '30s, then:

Indiana Jones
The Rocketeer
Also maybe Philip Marlowe.
The Batman would be perfect. Also Captain America if we want to include the 1940s.
The Batman would be perfect. We might also include Sky Captain.

I think the 40s would have their own group (although likely a number of them would be the same). Sgt. Rock would be among them.
Well, It didn´t have to be exactly the 30s. Captain America I wouldn´t like, just due to how he would stand out in that garish costume. Tarzan would be good, but I guess he is a bit the wrong time. He´d have to be in an earlier league with Mata Hari and Zorro.
I vote we let our very own Captain Spectre into the League.
I´m afraid it would only be open to people that was written about back then. So no Rocketeer or Captain Spectre.
Perhaps we need a League of Rocketmen then?
Then we could also add Commando Cody...
Wait, we forgot about The Phantom.

No such league could possibly be complete without at least the occasional services of John Clayton, Lord Greystoke (active from c. 1910 to the 1940s). Of course, he seems exactly the opposite of dieselpunk; but he did take a zeppelin trip to the Earth's interior in 1930...
John Carter of Mars

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