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There´s a rumour going that now Sam Raimi is done with Spiderman, he will do a The Shadow movie next. It doesn´t seem implausible, he has been wanting to do one for years I believe. Also with superhero-movies grossing as much as they do, it´s probably much easier for him to get backing today.
I must admit I´m one of the few who actually enjoyed the Alec Baldwin movie of The Shadow, but I wouldn´t mind seeing one that´s more Nolan than Burton. Actually a lot of the plot could end up similar to Batman Begins I imagine.

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Sam has 12 movies on his plate right now, and I don't remember The Shadow being one of them. It was big news when he said "I just can't churn out a good Spiderman sequel by next summer so I quit."

On the upside, Evil Dead (the remake) is up in pre-production again.
Fox has bought the Shadow movie rights, so something seems to be happening.

I enjoyed the Baldwin version of The Shadow.. but I must admit it seemed to be lacking..
I'm not at all opposed to Raimi giving it a try.. I'd be interested to see what he made of it. .
I guess we'll just have to wait and see if anything comes of it. .
I love Baldwin's The Shadow. It's one of my favorite movies. I really can't imagine that they could make anything that could exceed it. Of course I was skeptical about Batman Begins and the new Star Trek movie and both turned out great. So we'll just have to see.
I also like the Baldwin Shadow.
It of course was not perfect, but it was a enjoyable effort.
Everything just works for me in the movie. For example, the dark humor is great. "It's all falling into place now." as you see the sailor falling from the Empire State building in the background. :)

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