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           Hello Dieselpunks community! It's your friend Ansel the FNG and have I got an idea for all of you (especially those in Michigan/Midwest).

           Earlier this month, I had an idea that could change the way genre-punk is experienced, and how more people could find out about it on a whole other level. The idea I had was to start a Genre-punk teen nightclub in the Metro Detroit area. But allow me to tell you all how this idea came to be... It started one night when I was just going around my thoughts and the internet and I remembered the existence of ths one teen club in particular, "Club Inferno" (LINK: http://www.infernoteenclub.com/ note: there is noisy pop music/what could qualify as rap when you open it.). Anyway, when I was on the website I was also on Dieselpunks.org, and it hit me like a ton of bricks! "You know, people like Steam/Diesel/Cyber-punk, and teens are especially attracted to it... I think I should start one myself!"

           So, with the help of the fine people at Dieselpunks, fellow Toy Soldiers, and enthusiasts as well, I would like some feedback on this and maybe some tips as well?

Thank you - Ansel B. Haley

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If I lived anywhere near I would surely go.

My advice for starting up is to have a theme night at an existing venue to test the water.

You would need a healthy scene already as the average joe couldn't just throw together an outfit for something like this.

If I was trying something like this myself I would probably promote it as Neo-dandy with a broad genre-punk leaning. North American women seem to love punk guys with vested suits and fedoras. I believe that the addictive quality of Steampunk would them pull it towards being full-blown genre-punk venue. I find most of my non-subculturalist friends still love Steampunk and after that Dieselpunk is an easy sell because it's a little easier to put a costume together and the result can be a little less eccentric.

Best of luck.


In Detroit that could work. It already has a big Rockabilly scene, or did a few years back. I'd look into the scene there for market research and feasibility and talk to other club/bar owners to get up to speed on opening and running such an establishment if you're not already experienced there (it's almost never as easy as "build it and they will come"). As I tell every burgeoning business owner, "be prepared to run a loss for at least two years" until you establish yourself.

We have a monthly event in a hotel in Philadelphia named "Dorian's Parlor."  It's a mixed crowd of steampunks, dieselpunks, Ren people, and assorted goths.  Even with "big names," good DJs, and live entertainment every month, it took over a year to turn a profit.  If you're serious about it you should contact Gil, the event producer, and bounce a few ideas around.

There's also Alt-Dance in San Francisco run by Brian Gardner.  It started as a weekly experiment in October of this year, and it's still running.

The only thing you might have a problem with is the "all ages" crowd.  The only we've found to turn a profit with clubs these days is via alcohol sales.

this reminds me of the various parties in England that Fleur De Guerre mentions on her blog:  http://www.diaryofavintagegirl.com/ 

Maybe a Boardwalk Empire tie in for a testing the waters type thing. See how many show for that.

If you can make it happen, let me know. I got the perfect entertainment!

@Reuben "You would need a healthy scene already as the average joe couldn't just throw together an outfit for something like this."

Well, we Detroiters/Midwesterners have a very nice, geeky advantage, in that we have Youmacon. Youmacon has been going on every November for the past 8 years. Lots of open minded people, full blown raves, and a whole lot of Steampunkers. It would be a great place to spread the word, pass out a flier for International Dieselpunk Day or two... It should be a good option to build up a scene. Also, another thing the place would have going for it is this: "People love to dress up." - Leif Gylve Nagell (Fenriz).

@Cap'n Tony "In Detroit that could work. It already has a big Rockabilly scene, or did a few years back."

Well, there are quite a few Rockabilly bands that play around here. Also the punk scene is definetly alive and well, I should know. I participate in it and have a band in the making. So, I'll give some info to my buddies, go to a few shows to pass some ides around, and that'll probably win over some hearts.

@Johnny D.

Do it up man! Do inform me of this via inbox or something.

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