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Hello, everyone! My name's Taylor, and I'm so excited to have *finally* joined the forum (now that I have time, being out of school). Anyways, since I'm a newcomer, here's a bit about me.


I'm a recently graduated high school student, going to study computer science and art in the fall. I live in the Greater Chicago area, and have a passion for gaming and reading. My dream- someday- is to be able to make video games. I have a quiet DeviantArt profile (still improving on my art) under the name Ashtophetart, and spend most of my time gaming... and reading.


Anyhoo, that's pretty much how I roll. A pleasure to meet you all!

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Nice to meet you, Taylor. You're most welcome.

And a pleasure to meet you as well.

No need to be shy here.  We're all friends.


Good to meet you, Taylor. Welcome to the site. 

Welcome and congrats on the grads. Enjoy college...best 6-10 years of your life.
Don't scare her.  Some of us got out of the brig before we were senior citizens.

Lol, thanks, guys! I'm aiming not to exceed four years in school (unless I get a masters', eventually). I have a plan- at least, one not yet formulated.

Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope to get some interesting stuff put together sometime soon.

I had a plan once. Then I decided to major in Literature instead of International Studies . . . don't worry, college is great, you'll have a lot of fun.
I'm looking forward to it, picking out my classes next week. I'm just happy that reality kicked in, and pushed me out of the "I want to be an ARTIST!" phase, before I ended up with thousands in student loans and no reliable income (I"m horrible at freelancing).
Great to have you with us, Taylor.

Freelancing is a horrible career path if you just want to be an artist.  Take it from me, you need to be a salesperson person first, an accountant second, and art comes up as a distant third if you want to be successful in that field.

The best advice I can give you is to keep checking the "help wanted" ads in the general fields you're interested in.  Those are the positions you'll be fighting for when you're out of school, so it's good to see what kinds of skills are in demand before you're in debt.  If your school doesn't teach those skills, find some place that does even if you have to train yourself.

The second best advice is to not worry about your test scores so much.  You're going to school to learn specific job related skills.  As soon as the safety net of school is pulled away and you're left dangling in the real world, those numbers and that degree won't mean jack.  All businesses care about is the skills you know and your proficiency in those skills, so practice practice practice and your grades will reflect that practice.

I'd love to concept art for video games, but I love programming computers just as much. Everyone I know who works in computer/ engineering/ science-related fields agrees that there is a massive shortage of female scientists, and I plan to use that to my advantage.

Thank you very much for the advice, I'll take the sales approach into a greater role of importance (before, I was just toying with the idea of business-related emphases).

You guys are so helpful! Thank you!

I'm friends with a lot of mercenaries freelancers, and it's a stressful life that I don't wish on anyone.

The best path is to find a not-craptastic career that affords you time to do the things you love when you want to do them.  As soon as you're forced to do something you love at the whim of someone else's ideas just to keep a roof over your head, then that love will die on the vine.

Take it from Tome; Art Director by day, Dieselpunks editor at night, Groggy in the mornings.

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