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Hello, everyone! My name's Taylor, and I'm so excited to have *finally* joined the forum (now that I have time, being out of school). Anyways, since I'm a newcomer, here's a bit about me.


I'm a recently graduated high school student, going to study computer science and art in the fall. I live in the Greater Chicago area, and have a passion for gaming and reading. My dream- someday- is to be able to make video games. I have a quiet DeviantArt profile (still improving on my art) under the name Ashtophetart, and spend most of my time gaming... and reading.


Anyhoo, that's pretty much how I roll. A pleasure to meet you all!

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I've been taking a look all over the States (plus Canada) for possible opportunities- the downside is, I'm trapped in the Chicago area for now. Seattle seems to be a really cool place, is it nice there?

Deb Fisher said:
Have you looked into the game companies they have here in Seattle? I've met a lot of people that work in that field here.

Bothell also has many game companies. I think Valve is located there. Bothell is northeast of Seattle.


I guess it kind of depends what your definition of "nice" is.  It really does rain a lot here and the average summer high is about 70 deg F.  I really like the artistic culture here and Steampunk is really big here, though I myself am not involved in the Steampunk movement.  But I do know that companies like Google and Microsoft hire software engineers by the thousands and I personally think it's a pretty decent place to live and I do love the music and arts scene.

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