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Link to one of my favourite LIFE covers:




Shirley Slade on the cover in 1943 July edition of LIFE magazine.

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Love this cover, too.

Better to say, WASP pilot. But by July '43, WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots, mentioned in LIFE Gallery caption) hasn't been created yet! It was formed on August 5, 1943. Shirley Slade, for the best of my knowledge, served with WFTD (Women’s Flying Training Detachment) before its merger with the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron.

Hi Doc,

Check out our "Women of WWII" gallery.  Some of those LIFE covers are mixed in there > http://www.dieselpunks.org/photo/albums/the-women-of-world-war-2

That's a great gallery, thanks for the link.

This official mascot was designed by Walt Disney for a proposed film (from  Roahl Dahl's book, "The Gremlins".   During WWII,  the WASP asked for permission to use her as the official mascot and the Disney Company generously agreed.   Official Fifinella 'went to war' and was worn in the form of  patches.  Some were leather, some were cloth...worn on WASP flight jackets.

Image result for fifinella wasp

The Civil Air Patrol was created the week before Pearl Harbor then assigned to the newly formed USAF as the official auxiliary by 1947.  Just one more USAF to choose from.

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