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I have a few fond memories of toys from my past be it the wind-up Robbie the Robot or the Scalextric slot car set.

But my most played with was the Battle Army train set. I loved it,and miss it. Well with Christmas coming i have been looking around to buy my son a train set like the one i had and oh boy have things changed.

Military train sets are still being made and on both sides of the world makers like Lionel in the U.S. and Märklin the German company seem to have a good hold on the model train market be it for the young child awaiting his first set, or the fifty year old reliving their youth in a new hobby.

In the U.S. it seems the military trains have not changed much, i found a lot of the trains still have a cold war/James bond style about them and the same one colour olive green,or desert camo. 

The above are Lionel and you can view more here.


The German/European market is very different they seem to go for a lot more history and detail.

Also the difference in which Märklin and other European (and China made) model companies is quite striking the German Military trains really look like they are going into (or have been to) war.

You can view more here


Also for those who maybe interested in the art of these Train catalogues

 Märklin have done some nice ones which you can also view here


It looks like i will be buying one of these train sets for myself its so easy to fall in love with your youth again.

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Great. Thanks for posting this!

I love these! Great post.

Thank you Gentlemen ..........

Since posting i have also been looking at Space Age and Atomic Trains from America, and with the background of the cold war looming and then the space race the kids of the 50s and 60s must of loved those. 

and these are out of this world.


can't wait for my newborn son to grow up, so I'll have an excuse immersing myselif in this hobby:)

Those are great!!  Love the Atomic Reactor To Go!  My own son (just turned 4) is totally into trains ATM.

I can relate. Our daughter was a train fanatic at that age. At train crossings she could name every type of car being pulled by the train as it passed. "Grain car, tanker, cattle car..." :)

That's my boy, too, Larry.  Even the hard ones like "gondola car" (we see a lot of coal gons here in VA). He can even identify Amtrak vs. VRE (local commuter light rail) vs. Metro (subway) vs. Freight Train (almost always CSX here). His favorite is the "Orange Juice Train", a CSX freight hauling refrigerator cars of Tropicana between Florida and the Northeast, but the "Garbage Train" (green WM containers) is a close second.

You sure are bringing back some fond memories! Every X'mas I was allowed to setup my (yes, MILITARY) train set under and around the old Tin-Foil X'mas tree (anybody remember those? LOL) complete with tanks and plastic soldiers. Not very PC I guess, but I sure loved it!

Now I'm going to have to get a couple those GREAT looking German made sets for my Grandsons!!! Thanks for the idea!!!!!!!


Thank you (again) Gentlemen........ 

I see that (like myself) some of you still have fond memories of such wonderful trains,and your lovely offspring should be given the wonderment of these eye candy Train Sets. 

(so you may enjoy as well)

For whose of you which can't get a War/Military Train Set for Christmas. 

Check out this Railroads of War Free Game. Its fun and easy to do. 


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