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It's a bit awkward to start it all over again. A year and a half ago lord_k presented the case in Ottens' Smoking Lounge, then we blogged it. But I hope that this time we'll be able to discuss the matter.
Of course, imaginary world doesn't need a seal of community approval. It's the question of credibility. So I present our outline, an envelope for the action, a few features of the Strangers' World that looks rather old-fashioned compared to OTL 1972. Here are some points of interest. Feel the difference.
  • Flying boat is still a popular way to travel between the North Sea and Baltic ports.
  • Pneumatic mail is still widely used, and not only for in-office communication.
  • Transistor radio is a novelty. You've got television, but cannot enjoy satellite transmission - there are no satellites. And nobody has landed on the Moon yet (no 'Good luck, Mr. Gorsky!'). Actually, nobody has entered the Space.
  • Nuclear threat is pure science-fiction - the Bomb hasn't been tested, it simply doesn't exist.
  • There are battleships in different navies, some of them completed not so long ago.
  • No Japanese cars. Japanese cameras and home electronics are illegal, but you can purchase them from a trusted vendor - in case you are a trusted customer.
  • And jazz festivals are held every summer in Fiume, which is still Fiume and not Rijeka. The map is different. Very different from real 1972, very much alike a prewar one.
The pace of progress is slower. Something has never happened.

Please leave your comments. Your opinion is important.

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Sounds like an interesting world to me. I'm assuming WW2 never happened in this world.

What's this Stranger's world for? Background for a story?

BTW, I'm a regular at alternatehistory.com (as Geekhis Khan) and can give advise & pointers on developing your history if desired.
Probably you missed my previous entry. It's a story indeed with a very complex structure. The POD for our world is roughly September 1938, although some lesser alterations have been made earlier. The gimmick is to juxtapose OUR reality (things that never happened) to the Stranger's world. There is some interaction between them.

Being Eva's co-author, I think a should recommend you The Strangers' blog. It's somewhat lethargic, but contains some additional info.
And, Cap'n, your Viva Balbo is a gas!

Cap'n Tony said:
What's this Stranger's world for? Background for a story?
Thanks, I'll try to check that out.

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