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Lo dere everyone.

I have a favor to ask of you wonderful individuals. What is it? Well, a good friend of mine wants to find a bathing suit before summer hits, but there is one problem... Shes being a bit picky, but tastefully picky in the sense that she wants a Diesel Era one piece bathing suit and shes not having much luck. I'm doing this because shes too lazy to get her own account on here, and I happen to have the computer handy, and her on the phone. So please everyone, (somewhat indirectly) help a sister out. (Not me, my friend Erica haha)

All info is appriciated.

Thanks and good night.

- Ansel H.

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Have you tried checking out the links in the Fashion group?


Alright man, thanks. Next time I have a question similar to this I'll be sure to go to fashion. I actually completely forgot there was one. XD

My wife has two AWESOME pin-up style one piece bathing suits from Pin Up Girl Clothing. They are beautiful, are very Dieselpunk, and sound like what she's looking for. My wife gets compliments on them all the time.

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