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Just finished this Bioshock Infinite Inspired poster.  I hope you like it! 

Go here for a behind the scenes of making the poster.  Not too in depth just a little about the process...

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I like it!  I'm glad to see Miss Columbia making a comeback. :)


Is there a reason why the colors on her shield are non-standard?  (The shield has a red chief, gold stars, gold and white stripes, and the normal colors are blue chief, white stars, and red and white stripes.) I couldn't help feeling that a litte more blue in that quarter of the poster would help balance out the color scheme.

As a graphic designer, this is really really good! I thought you used the original artwork from the game at first, and I was surprised you didn't! It looks that similar!
Well in looking up reference there were definitely different ways of portraying Columbia and I was more interested in keeping with the color scheme of the game than doing an exact replica of an older poster.  I think more blue might look pretty but would lose a little of the sinister nature that the game has going for it.  And thanks Clinton, that's exactly what I was going for!

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