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Blastolene Decoliner! Helping Dieselpunks travel in style.

(If this has been posted before, I apologize but I couldn't find it and felt you folks would love it)

Tired of having to drive around in plastic?  Having to leave the Art and Deco of life at home when you travel?  Want to make a statement when you travel?

Then take a look at the latest offerings from Blastolene: The Decoliner!

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That is just beautiful.  Let's all just pile in that thing for a road trip.

Great post, Sparky.

There was a great feature on this on Jay Leno's Garage. It is so awesome, I wish I had the patience to create something of this magnitude. 

Amazing fabrication and design . . . that man is a true master of his craft.  The website, like the video, is just awesome---and his other works also have a very, very dieselpunk design vision going, as well.

Side note, several years of my rather peripatetic childhood were spent in Grants Pass, Oregon, where Blastolene is located, and I remember it quite fondly.  Beautiful place.

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