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Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Hunter

Game World: Dark City

Game Type: Test Run

Level: 2

Experience: 150/2000


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race or gang/league: Human

Body Type: medium

Gender: Male

Age: Adult: 

Background/Origin: Ex smuggler(+15 conceal, -10 Gov, +1 Endurance)


Eye color: Grey

Hair color: Dark Brown



Strength       5/10

Perception   9/15

Endurance   7/10

Charisma     10/15

Intelligence  5/10

Agility           7/15

Luck              8/15


Critical Chance %(L): 8%

Dodge(P):  9

Total AC(E): 18

Initiative(A): 7

Health(E): 15/27  =  base health(levelx10)+Endurance(7)+perks(_)


Smackaroos: $305


Escape the Cold:

  • Find a way out of the Hideout
  • (optional) Find your equipment

A Drop in the Ocean: Completed

  • Find more clues about Johnny's murder
  • (Optional) Go to the Dockyard
  • (Optional) Go to the Apartments


Government(GOV)= 10/1000 infamy

Cops are less to give you info, more inclined to attack(tougher intimidation check), and won't help you if you need them.

Bootleggers(BOOT)= 5/1000 fame

Weapon Dealers (WD)= 5/1000 fame

Metal State



Hindrance (HIN)





-Finance(L)=20/100                             [--------------------]

-Knowledge Law(I)= 75/100                 [--------------------]

-Knowledge Geography(I)= 10/100      [--------------------]

*Knowledge Investigation= 25/100       [--------------------]

-Blades(P)= 18/100                               [--------------------]

-Blunt weapons(S)= 10/100                  [--------------------]

-Intimidation(S)= 10/100                       [--------------------]

*Unarmed(S)= 25/100                           [--------------------]

-Medicine(I)=   10/100                           [--------------------]

-Mechanics(I)= 10/100                          [--------------------]

*Locks(A)= 25/100                                [--------------------]

-Explosives(I)= 10/100                          [--------------------]

*Small guns(P) = 25/100                       [--------------------]

-Big Guns(S)=  10/100                          [--------------------]

*Sneak(A)= 26/100                               [lll-----------------](1)(140)

-Conceal(A)= 29/100(34)                     [--------------------]

-Charm(C)= 20/100                               [--------------------]

*Diplomacy(C)= 25/100                        [--------------------]

-Acrobatics(A)= 14/100                         [llll----------------]

-Technology(I)= 10/100                        [--------------------]

-Gambling(L)= 18/100                          [--------------------]

Languages: English


 Weapons: Revolver +4 attack

Switchblade 1d4+2 attack

Chair Leg 1d3 +1

Niagara's Baseball Bat 2d4+3

Appeal: Trench coat(+1 AC, +5 conceal)


Items: caffeine pills(1), 

Key items: keys, notebook, pencil, city map, lighter


Perks will go here once acquired.

-Law man: Your knowledge in law begins as Expert(75).

-Give into the Darkness: You are silent when under dim to no light, making your sneak  increase to 100 under such conditions, meaning no need to roll for stealth as long as you are out of a line of sight. You are still visible and are still vulnerable to damage. Any outfit that causes extra noise will still be in effect.

-Tough Enough(1): You've taken enough whacks to the head to make you forget what pain is. Your endurance is up by 1.

Current Notes

Notes on Molly's brother:

  • The brother's name is Johnny
  • He has a safe with savings(amount unknown)
  • A man called Birdie who sounds suspicious
  • Johnny worked at the Dockyard(common job/income)
  • Johnny lives in an apartment (common housing)
  • Vince was at his apartment... What was he doing there?

Notes on Vince:

  • He's got a grudge against you
  • He is nowhere to be found

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(I haven't seen it either lol I just like the title)

Taking out your own knife, you slash the crazy hobo with your knife(6 damage)( enemy's current health: wounded), getting him across the chest. Stumbling back and coughing out slurred rambling, he blindly tries to take a swing at you and... misses, lazily moving his worn out knife through the air.

(one more hit like that will take him out. roll a d4.)

(I'll try to punch him, since I don't want to kill the guy (3))

(It'll take another punch to take him out.)

The hobo stumbles back, what few teeth he had flying out of his mouth. He flops forward and...(2... with a -2 drunk penalty)(I'm sorry to do this, but it won't count as you killing him) he falls down on his own knife, dying instantly. (Wah-wah-wah)

(50exp + Pasi-FIST bonus! x1.5

Total exp:75)

The loot you get from the battle is morphine(2) and the hobo's "treasure", $5 in change and $1 worth from the knife, total: $6.


After finishing your journey through the alleys and escaping the stuffy air of barrel fires and dumpsters, you are now in front of the apartments. Molly told you it was at the top.

What do you do?

1) Go through the front lobby

2) Take the fire escape

3) examine the area(based on perception)

(So I actually do get points for trying. Heh. I'm not taking his knife though.)

Taking that shortcut was obviously not one of my best ideas, getting tag-teamed like that. At least I made it out alive, un-perforated and only mildly chewed.
I felt a little sorry for the hobo, but it's hard to predict that he would land on his own knife like that.

It's probably best to check out the area around the place first. (3)

(Well, it doesn't count as you killing him. So since the last hit you did was unarmed, that's why it gives you the bonus. A good loophole if I may say so.)
The area has people walking by on the sidewalks and cars casually sputtering on by(light traffic). The only thing out of the ordenary you see are a few(4) people hanging out in front of the building, leaning around the entrance with ciggarettes in their hands. They're all eyeballing you. You senses say to be cautious around them and to even avoid them.

What do you do
1) head to the front door
2)go up the fire escape

I think I'll go around the back, quietly, and go up the fire escape. (2)

(Increase in stealth, good choice. Lets make it 16 x 4, their perception doubled and multiplied by the amount of people you passed by.)
Heading up the fire escape, you have a less better idea as to which room it is exactly. The time of night gives off occupied rooms by their lights bleeding through the curtains.
What do you do?
1)enter from the roof(you roll d20 for lockpick, easy lock)
2)guess which room it is and enter from the window( I roll for your luck)
(Oh. You also get a Look Before you Leap exp bonus for using your perception. It's difficulty was 25% so you get +25exp from that action. I want to award players who use their skills instead of risking combat, for thinking outside of the box.)

(And you get 320 mini points towards your sneak skill, 10 for each of their perception(8×4=32, 32×10=320) I'm also lowering the skill meter from 1,000 to 500, with each skill level up through mini points being increased by 500. So because you are proficent in sneak that is x2. You now have 26 sneak!)

I just got an idea. We can do a "keep the change" exp bonus for not looting after a battle. So if you'd like 2exp per smackaroo, that is possible.(12exp)

I'll go in via the roof. (1)

(success!)(30exp and 125 points to lockpick, 5 for each % of difficulty, x2 for being proficent, so its 250 points. Yay!)
The cheap lock clicks open and you climb down the stairs, now able to find the room with no problem. (Not to be annoying) The door to Johnny's place is firmly locked(Advanced, 50).

What do you do?
1) examine the area(to find clues and a key)
2) try to lockpick it(roll d20)


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