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Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Hunter

Game World: Dark City

Game Type: Test Run

Level: 2

Experience: 150/2000


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race or gang/league: Human

Body Type: medium

Gender: Male

Age: Adult: 

Background/Origin: Ex smuggler(+15 conceal, -10 Gov, +1 Endurance)


Eye color: Grey

Hair color: Dark Brown



Strength       5/10

Perception   9/15

Endurance   7/10

Charisma     10/15

Intelligence  5/10

Agility           7/15

Luck              8/15


Critical Chance %(L): 8%

Dodge(P):  9

Total AC(E): 18

Initiative(A): 7

Health(E): 15/27  =  base health(levelx10)+Endurance(7)+perks(_)


Smackaroos: $305


Escape the Cold:

  • Find a way out of the Hideout
  • (optional) Find your equipment

A Drop in the Ocean: Completed

  • Find more clues about Johnny's murder
  • (Optional) Go to the Dockyard
  • (Optional) Go to the Apartments


Government(GOV)= 10/1000 infamy

Cops are less to give you info, more inclined to attack(tougher intimidation check), and won't help you if you need them.

Bootleggers(BOOT)= 5/1000 fame

Weapon Dealers (WD)= 5/1000 fame

Metal State



Hindrance (HIN)





-Finance(L)=20/100                             [--------------------]

-Knowledge Law(I)= 75/100                 [--------------------]

-Knowledge Geography(I)= 10/100      [--------------------]

*Knowledge Investigation= 25/100       [--------------------]

-Blades(P)= 18/100                               [--------------------]

-Blunt weapons(S)= 10/100                  [--------------------]

-Intimidation(S)= 10/100                       [--------------------]

*Unarmed(S)= 25/100                           [--------------------]

-Medicine(I)=   10/100                           [--------------------]

-Mechanics(I)= 10/100                          [--------------------]

*Locks(A)= 25/100                                [--------------------]

-Explosives(I)= 10/100                          [--------------------]

*Small guns(P) = 25/100                       [--------------------]

-Big Guns(S)=  10/100                          [--------------------]

*Sneak(A)= 26/100                               [lll-----------------](1)(140)

-Conceal(A)= 29/100(34)                     [--------------------]

-Charm(C)= 20/100                               [--------------------]

*Diplomacy(C)= 25/100                        [--------------------]

-Acrobatics(A)= 14/100                         [llll----------------]

-Technology(I)= 10/100                        [--------------------]

-Gambling(L)= 18/100                          [--------------------]

Languages: English


 Weapons: Revolver +4 attack

Switchblade 1d4+2 attack

Chair Leg 1d3 +1

Niagara's Baseball Bat 2d4+3

Appeal: Trench coat(+1 AC, +5 conceal)


Items: caffeine pills(1), 

Key items: keys, notebook, pencil, city map, lighter


Perks will go here once acquired.

-Law man: Your knowledge in law begins as Expert(75).

-Give into the Darkness: You are silent when under dim to no light, making your sneak  increase to 100 under such conditions, meaning no need to roll for stealth as long as you are out of a line of sight. You are still visible and are still vulnerable to damage. Any outfit that causes extra noise will still be in effect.

-Tough Enough(1): You've taken enough whacks to the head to make you forget what pain is. Your endurance is up by 1.

Current Notes

Notes on Molly's brother:

  • The brother's name is Johnny
  • He has a safe with savings(amount unknown)
  • A man called Birdie who sounds suspicious
  • Johnny worked at the Dockyard(common job/income)
  • Johnny lives in an apartment (common housing)
  • Vince was at his apartment... What was he doing there?

Notes on Vince:

  • He's got a grudge against you
  • He is nowhere to be found

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You sneak past them, but with the 7, you are heard while spelunking, bumping against a a box of fruits that has a few roll around. You have a number of options:

1)Hide until he goes away

2)Try for a sneak attack

Either way, roll a d20.

(I'll go for option 2. I have a surplus of pain that I need to redistribute. ;) Roll of 13)

Good man. It will be sucessful. Would you be using your fists, the chairleg, or the unique baseball bat?

I'll go for the bat. I might only get one chance to knock him senseless, so I might as well be thorough.

As he hurries in to see what the noise was, you were hugging the side of the doorway, having him pass right by. As he looked around in the center of the storage room, you sneak up behind him, choke him out with the bat, then spin him around to knock him out with a quick swing to the face.

He is holding $5 and a S&W model 10 revolver(1d8+1)(6 rounds). If you choose not to take them, you'll get extra exp instead.

Now, with the other goon, you can still choose to try and pickpocket him. I'll leave that as a side option.

The one that you were caught by, it is in the manager's office. It is small and he is on his way out, right when you are opening the door. He...
(Ugh, my rolls suck, lucky you haha)(2) ...takes a swing, but you were already crouched down to avoid it without trying.

Now, roll a d20 to fight back or to run away. If attacking, let me know what weapon your using.

Mental note, when trying to sneak out of somewhere, you shouldn't kick over a stack of wooden boxes. Thankfully the guy was so distracted by the apples on the floor that he didn't notice me before it was too late.
I helped myself to the contents of his wallet and relieved him of his gun, while I was at it. There has to be some perks to this whole getting abducted thing.

Having learned from experience I stayed away from any stacks of boxes and managed to avoid the second goon.

Unfortunately just as I got to the end of the hallway, a door swung open and I was attacked by a third goon.... How many goons does Vince have? Well, more than enough, obviously.
I could have shot him, but better try to keep this fairly quiet, so I swung my bat instead. (Roll of - oooh - a natural 20!)

(Goon defeated)

You jab the bat into his gut, forcing him to bend forward in pain. To finish the job, a powerful swing to the face treats his brains like a home run. He's holding $10 and beer (1). In the locker room, you found your equipment, regaining your previous weapons. If you're going to go look for Vince, you still have no idea where he is. You could also look for Molly and find out if she was in on it. 

Now, what do you do?

1)Escape and look for Molly

2)Continue searching for clue of Vince's whereabouts(roll 1d20)

3) look for the restaurant's vault (chance for a lot of smackaroos, GOV infamy gained)

(Did you already have 7 for endurance? I can't remember if I added 1 with the tough enough perk ;p Also you get 75exp for one goon because it was a silent kill and 50exp for the other, but since it was a perfect 20, I'm awarding another 25exp with a Perfecto! bonus. Total:150exp)

(I think I started with 7 in Endurance, but I'm not entirely sure.)

After finding my keys and various other bits and pieces, I figured that perhaps there was a clue to whatever it was Vince was doing and why he had been messing around in Johnny's place.

(2 - roll of 5, so I guess not. ;))

If you take the 5, you will find a matchbook to a club that will take you on a side mission to get the real info. BUT if you dont want to spend time with that, I would be glad to let you take on another goon to find a note leading to Vince's location. Which would you perfer?

(Let's go to the club. I suspect that I could use a drink around this point.)

On the desk next to some notes with Vince's name on them, you find a matchbook to the Coco Bongo Club, a place well known for its underground activities. Heading outside through the back way, you can already see that the sunrise is drawing near, the smell of morning filling your lungs.


Standing in the alley near the resturant's back exit you know that you are not quit familiar with this part of town.

You could either:

1) attempt to use your geography skill(10) 2)ask for information with a payphone($1)


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