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Like it says above, we need hatstands in every public house, restaurant, cafe, tea room, and even *shudder*, coffee shop in the world, so far this has been rolled out on that Facebook thing:


but I realise that it needs to be brought to the attention of the greater public, hence this thread.


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AMEN!!  I hate having to set my hat on a flat surface somewhere.

I'm with you!  Throw in a coat hook, too.  Those have just about disappeared as well.

I just toss my hat onto the seat next to me.  Less chance some guttersnipe would run off with it.

Be warned, Tome.  Lincoln used to do that...until some lady sat on his hat at the theater one day, crushing it.  His reply was vintage Lincoln: "Madam, I could have told you it wouldn't fit before you tried it on!"

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