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Hello all, my name is actually Tom Floyd and I am the writer, creator, artist of the on line comic strip - Captain Spectre and the Lightning Legion.

Short plug....It is a hobby comic that I produce as I can with a cliffhanger/serial/pulp flavor. It takes influences from all the things I love about old movies, serials, pulps, comics, and I add a twist of myself. It actually started as a project to improve all of my shorted talents. I mainly consider myself an artist, so I needed more work on the writing end, but you can never stop learning better ways to do art.

By day I am a graphic artist for a PBS station - at night I work on Captain Spectre.

I am glad that Jonny emailed me and invited me into the fold here. What a great crowd and a great site.

Read the strip for free at www.captainspectre.com

thanks and feel free to download the free goodies at the site.


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Greetings Tom! Glad to see you here... and proud to be a Legionnaire. .
Tom, glad to see Captain Spectre has started up again, I know it's a labor of love, so to speak, and fits in well here at Dieselpunks. I know there's probably a lot of comics that perhaps fall into this catagory, including the Captain Spectre and the Rocketeer. Perhaps others on the forum, might want to mention some other comics that they enjoy that fall under this umbrella. One that comes to mind for me is the defunct Xenozoic Tales by Mark Schultz that was on Kitchen Sink. There was also an offshoot of the same comic modeled after the Saturday morning cartoon called Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. Another one that might fit would be Paul Chadwick's The World Below. It's about a bunch of explorers that travel beneath the surface of the earth and has an E.R. Burroughs feel to it. Too bad these comics were so short lived.
Hey David....thanks. Yes the strip is a huge labor of love. And you mentioned some of the greats like Xenozoic Tales, and The World Below....two of the great modern pulp feel strips for sure. And by two of the greatest artists going. Mark has actually looked over the Captain Spectre strip - we had our tables together at the Iowa convention a couple of years ago, and it was great fun for me to finally meet him and talk with him. We even sketched in a person's sketchbook together, what a boost for my self esteem!
Also another new pulp feel strip is 'Atomic Robo' which mixes in robots, Tesla, and some Lovecraft stirred in. It is great fun. Along with alot of the Hellboy stuff.
Yes, I've read some Hellboys, Lobster Johnsons, and B.P.R.D. spinoffs. I'd also say League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore, and perhaps even the Elseworlds Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. I haven't heard of Atomic Robo, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. I'm sure there's a lot of other examples within comics.
Glad I could get you and Mark back in touch with each other. And glad you liked the photo of us together at Comic Con. :)

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