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Another lovely piece of historical sleuthing from Smithsonian:


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Must go eat carrots or the Hun will win!!!

My old mum told me about this years ago - she used to be an air raid warden during the Blitz. The linked article says that there was no evidence the Germans believed it, frankly she used to say she didn't think anybody in Britain believed it either, and that most people knew it was just that about the only food you could get in quantity was root vegetables and the government wanted to encourage you to eat the things...

Incidentally, she had an unexploded bomb at the bottom of the garden for a week once as it wasn't a priority bomb for defusing!

My grandmother told me: When they had to leave their home village near Allenstein, East Prussia, now Olsztyn (Poland), they came to Berlin in early 1945. She and her two sons had almost nothing to eat but carrots. So the Germans ate a lot of carrots, too. But as we know now, it didn't help...

Andy and Doc,

Thank you for the stories. You have reminded me of family lore regarding my uncle. He was an art student at Carnegie Melon as the War broke out. In order to become an aviator, he had to pass the eye test. Initially he did not. He spent several weeks at home drinking carrot juice and then, just in time, passed. He flew a B-25 in the South Pacific -- at one point, out of Nadzab, New Guinea.


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