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I've been curious about the chat thing below ever since I came here, yet I have never been actually able to do anything with it. Everytime i write something (usually when there's +4 people online) i never get a reply. Now, i'm willing to grant that I might not be that much interesting to talk to, but there's several questions that've been poppin' in my head:

- Are there specific, established times when members gather to talk in Chat?

- How many of you have actually managed to chat with another person through the Chat service?

It seems to me that not many people use the chat functionality often. I don't know how much it "costs" to keep that functionality working, but I would suggest the admin to reconsider its presence.

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The chat function is free and works like a charm. However, not many people seem to utilize it, and most people leave it minimized.

If you're interested in chatting with someone, shoot them a PM. This way, they know to open the chat window. Otherwise, they won't know that you're trying to chat with them.
But, doesn't the chat window flash or something automatically when someone replies?
It does, but not when you're starting a conversation. They have to be a part of the conversation first.

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