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We at the society have been working not only on the new album, but also on a Christmas Album, a couple of these songs of the season are up on the websites MP3 player now,
God rest ye merry gentlemen and O holy night
give them a listen at

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Capt. Robert was planning on pumping out some legitimate Christmas tunes as well after Aether Shanties is done.

Any collaboration with AP on these?
Nope, this is all us... Rob played on that dark christmas cd they did back in the day, and always wanted to do his own take so here it is! It will be interesting to hear how the Ap stuff sounds, The boys have such a past together, but have gone in pretty different musical directions, I'm loving both!
Good show. What else can we look forward to?
we've got Silent night with a slight french twist, and a steampunk version of santa baby, a world music inspired carol of the bells, and a few ideas banging about.
Any renditions of Happy Christmas (War is over)?
love that song! and it's an interesting request a treatment of that could be very neat,... wheels turning
The Bodice Rippers of Chicago are working on Christmas music as well. Backwards-recorded music boxes with antiquated drum machines.
very cool! I love unique takes on Christmas music!
Still in the recording process (i.e. 4-track in the living room), but we should have songs posted at our myspace page this weekend.
I am happy to say We have one song left to do for the christmas album, but we have added a rockin little drummer boy and what child is this, and are pretty excited, although we are really cutting it close !
The songs are up at myspace.com/bodicerippers. Or just enjoy them here.
Thanks Bodice Rippers!

Merry Christmas!

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