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Chrysler had alot of interesting concept cars in the 90s. They all had a retro 30s-40s look to them that is quite dieselpunk in a past-meets-the-future type of way. I think that if Chrysler went with this style full-force, they wouldn't be in such trouble as they are today, hehe. I was a big fan of these concepts back in the 90s and I still am. Probably helped develop my taste for dieselpunk and steampunk.

The first one is the Chrysler Atlantic, which was highly influenced by the design of the classic Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic. Even today, this concept shows alot of elegance and style that many modern cars lack.

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Really neat! I like how you can tell that it's been influenced by that time period, and not just an imitation of it. The cars, that is.
Beautiful cars. Chrysler might be in better shape financially today if those had gone from concept to reality.

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