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If Hardboiled Detective Noir is an element of Dieselpunk would you consider Moebius's "The Long Tomorrow" to be within the genre of Dieselpunk?

The first published comic seems more futuristic or retrofuturistic but consider the treatment by Moebius and Dan O'Banon for the stillborn Columbia/Tristar television series, produced by Hillard Elkins.


Pete Club is cool, narrated by James Coburn, even cooler.

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I don't know about the comic but that clip that you linked seemed to be very DieselPunkish to me.

Too bad that it never got it produced.  It seems like too many DieslPunk projects are either still born or cut short.

Just a couple of examples being Sky Captain and the Rocketeer.  I thought both films were awesome and worthy of many sequels but the viewing public apparently disagreed.

That looked Dieselpunk to me as well. Coburn's narration was rather fast.

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