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Are there real-world communities of diesepunks, or is it an internet phenomenon, where people do it in RL, but only congregate online?


Or do I just live in an area with so few dieselpunks that there's nothing here?

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I'm pleased to report that my fellow steampunks in my area (we're trying to start a formal organization) have discussed having some dieselpunk themed meetings. I'll keep you informed on how or if these become reality.
I'm currently studying at American University. It's good to know that there's another dieselpunk fan in the area.

I have never met any Dieselpunks fellows there. In Italy, people barely know what is Steampunk and there are some conventions (but nothing so serious - just no-profit fan meetings, mostly related to the Goth-Industrial underground scene), but Dieselpunk is an unknown scenario. Really.


Like many of yous, since my early teen years I've been liking Dieselpunk movies, dressing in style, etc. (e.g. my fav comic/movie was absolutely Hellboy!!!!!!!!!) without knowing the exact definition.

Nowadays I discovered your community and the term Dieselpunk by searching over the web (I googled something about modern military pin up style, hehehe!). Though I don't like to be "categorized" or "nicknamed", because it always seems to me something... mocking from the people who are not in the underground scene, I was just happy to find out that other people share my interest.

However... In April there has been a Steampunk Event: a dress-code picnic in Villa Reale (Monza) open to all kinds of future-retro and alternative styles, but I was the ONLY dieselpunk kid among them - my friend (Victorian Steampunk obsessed) told me "Nice early 900's style, seems you just got out from the Hellboy movies!". Oh well...  simply hope this community will expand and get acknowledgement, maybe through the Web, in order to see conventions in Europe too.
E io c'ero... (and I was there...)

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