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As I was on the road today, I was thinking about our community.  

We are attached via this website, and a handful of other networks, but as a whole, I really don't know too much about you people.  One of the best parts of having a community is not only sharing what we like, but also sharing what we know so we can help one another.

To get the ball rolling, I'd love to know what everyone in our *punk world does for a living.  Are you a student, an engineer, a full-time parent, a mad scientist?  Did you find your fortune at sea, work at factory for 50 years, or did you pull yourself up from the gutter by your own bootstraps?

As most of you already know, I'm a web engineer/designer at a major East Coast telecom in the States.  The commute sucks and the hours are long, but it gives me the money and time I need to keep Dieselpunks alive and running.  Plus, it helps me stay on top of the tech you guys play with every day.

How about you?  What do you do?  Is it where you thought you would be?  If not, what can we do to help you get back on track?

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Tome Wilson said:

Photography is a hard gig to make a living on, especially since every douche with a camera-phone and Instagram thinks they're Ansel Adams.  What got you interested?

for my sixteenth birthday i got an old canon 35mm camera and started taking pics then 2 years ago i got myself a canon rebel T2i camera (i did not get rid of the old canon i use it regularly). My specialty is BW pictures and of course retro future shots. plus being a urban explorer ive got lots of time behind the lens behind me.

Hello Tome,

I've worked dozens of different jobs before stumbling into the flour milling industry, where I've been for the last six years. On the other side of things I wanted to be a comic book artist while in high school, but gave up on those dreams a few years after graduation. Fortunately my love for storytelling never faded and I became involved in writing once I moved from California to the South. It took around ten years to learn the craft of turning stories into novels, and I'm currently at the point where I feel that I can produce solid professional work.

Currently I'm working on building an audience for my published work and have many upcoming projects including a developing collaboration with Stefan that I'm working on at the moment. I only recently discovered the dieselpunk community via Stefan, although I'd been working on The Troubleshooter novel for a while, coining it 'dystopian noir'. I'm really enjoying what I'm discovering and can't wait to incorporate more of it in the next novel.

I'm currently a single un-employed man trying to get my act together and get my life started I've been watching my little sis form the time I was 14 and I just feel it's time to move out from under my parent's wing, possibly go to college, go ona  road trip and start my life. I'm an aspiring artist, and I'm also a fair hand at woodwork, tailoring, prop making, and I know a couple of chords on  the guitar (Note: not SONGS, CHORDS, lol) Mainly I'm fairly on track, but it takes a bit to get a job in this small of a community, and as for what I plan on going to school for? I'm aiming to get a degree in Illustration.

Currently for the last 8 years I have been a Network Systems Support Technician.  I started at a large newspaper before being outsourced to India and because of that I ended up at a credit union right down the road from my house.  Before that I was an airline refueling manager.  

Is it where I thought I would be?  I don't know I like computers and how they work but hate sitting behind a desk all day.  I loved being outside working around the airplanes and all it had to offer but the hours and lifestyle sucked especially once kids came along, so for now I will say no its not what I want but I'll take it, sometimes I feel like a drifting soul caught between two worlds not really sure what I want but it pays the bills so I do it.

By day: I make magazines. Just had a promotion, I'm now Operations Editor on a photography mag (N-Photo). Essentially this is half sub-editing, half organisation, with a bonus dollop of butt kicking.

By night: Freelance! I review books and do occasional other stuff for a science fiction mag (SFX) and do occasional knitting designs (Simply Knitting) for a knitting one.

I'm very lucky to have a job I love, with smashing workmates.

I have a BA in History and I'm currently working as a librarian. I write and do some voice acting on the side, but I plan on getting into grad school to get my MA in History and then after that my PhD. I'd eventually like to be professor. 

I hold an MA in history and currently work for the US Government.

Working on my Bachelor's in Behavioral Science, currently working at a bank and an outdoors outfitters. When I'm not studying or slave-ing it up I do enjoy hiking, meditation, playing guitar and Martial arts(Ninjutsu,) Reading true crime, GQ and comics not to mention a night out with the ol' boys every now and then to keep some balance...


Where did you find a ninjutsu teacher?

Sounds like we have a lot of similar interests, Anthony. I was a psych major in college, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis. While I've studied Okinawan Karate I'm currently taking Tai Chi, which I now prefer.

Tome, I found a great school.in Portland ME, It's a Stephen K Hayes quest center, he was one of the pioneers in bringing Ninjutsu to the western world.
Larry, its great to meet people with similar interests! Feels great being back in school. The martial arts have helped me so much physically as well as spiritually.

Doctor of Clinical psychology. I was  a psychotherapist for 10 years. I teach clinical psych at New England College--a small liberal arts college in central New Hampshire. Author of two books: 'Imaginal Reality' volumes one and two about Imaginal Psychology--combining existential thought with Jungian psychology. Third book on the way within a year (hopefully) on the use of imagination in criminal profiling.

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