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As I was on the road today, I was thinking about our community.  

We are attached via this website, and a handful of other networks, but as a whole, I really don't know too much about you people.  One of the best parts of having a community is not only sharing what we like, but also sharing what we know so we can help one another.

To get the ball rolling, I'd love to know what everyone in our *punk world does for a living.  Are you a student, an engineer, a full-time parent, a mad scientist?  Did you find your fortune at sea, work at factory for 50 years, or did you pull yourself up from the gutter by your own bootstraps?

As most of you already know, I'm a web engineer/designer at a major East Coast telecom in the States.  The commute sucks and the hours are long, but it gives me the money and time I need to keep Dieselpunks alive and running.  Plus, it helps me stay on top of the tech you guys play with every day.

How about you?  What do you do?  Is it where you thought you would be?  If not, what can we do to help you get back on track?

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Haven't posted in this thread in ages, how things have changed in a few years. 

I now work aboard a historic Steamship as a deckhand and historical tour guide. Some days I like nothing more than watching that big, triple-expansion steam engine at work. I also now live on a sailboat, where the space is small but the experience is at least never boring. 

Otherwise, I am an avid bicyclist and use an antique Hercules 3-speed to get around town in the summer. 

I'm a university professor of railroad engineering, mainly working in the field of operations control and signaling. Before beeing appointed to that position in 1996, I worked in the railroad industry. I'm also an author and co-author of several textbooks used both in university teaching and in higher vocational training.

Railroads play also a key role in my hobby. I do some modeling but in a rather unconventional way, details you find on my homepage. I also like photography of inspiring urban places. If interested, visit my pages on Flickr and deviantart.

Being a professor has the advantage that people more or less expect you to act kind of weird in public ('He is that mad professor, you know ...'). So, it is absolutely no problem to completely ignore actual fashion and dress myself like I want.


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