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A very interesting show. For those who haven't seen it, it mixes a lot of genres, but the underlying theme is a mix of space opera and classic noir, with cyberpunk and 70's-style action thrown in for good measure. It follows a team of bounty hunters (the titular "cowboys") in the solar system after the Earth has been largely destroyed, with hot jazz and blues soundtracks and cool-as-ice characters. Really hard to pin this to any genre since it plays fast-and-loose with all of them, but it's heavy with dieselpunk tropes.

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Cowboy Bebop is one of my all time favorite animes.

Like you said, they mix a ton of genres together, but the story is smooth & witty, the characters are individuals & very likable, the music by Yoko Kano is top notch, and the animation is top notch (even compared to today).

If you like the animation and music style of Cowboy Bebop, check out Macross Plus. It's a four-episode story told in the Macross universe, and it was done by the same creative team as Bebop.
I have been a big fan of Cowboy Beebop for years. I love it. You know it just oozes cool with the opening theme. The series and the animated movie are both fantastic.



It's one of my favorite series (I'm not a big fan of the movie) all time, I don't think there's too many animation pieces that match it even today, about 13 years after its release. The characters are appealing, the storys are very fine, the animation is awesome and Yoko Kano's soundtrack is a killer. "Tank" and "Bad Dog No Biscuit" are unforgettable.


The construction of the cast, the whole banding together thing each episode after the last, till the disbanding, lefting again Spike and Jet alone, was a great idea, wrapping it all in one big story arc. I have this friend of mine that hates science-fiction and japanese animation, and she was just in love with this show.


By the way, director and creator Sinchiro Watanabe is a name to pay attention: he was also the director of Detective Story, the noir animation at the Animatrix selection; co-directed Macross Puls and in 2004 released Samurai Champloo: not a dieselpunk story by any chance, but a samurai story with several and crazy pop visuals and references.
The Detective Story is pure Dieselpunk animation. Excellent.
Cowboy Bebop is also one of my favorite animes.

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