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     I got some supplies and props to get started on my Dieselpunk.  Two military issued BDU summer shirts (one olive, one black), two military quick release 2-inch pistol belts, one mini pistol belt, six double pocket ammo pouches (three black, three green), pair of speedlace jungle boots,  over a dozen patches, one Nerf Maverick, one Nerf Recon, one Nerf Spectre.  Incoming are some pants from the awesome Scraplands.com, the suicide bomber, state property, and genocide.  What I still need, goggles or other suitable eye wear, maybe an air filter, and other bits and ends to pull it together.  I invite you to read my plan and criticize away, constructive or not.  If you got some ideas share them please, if you can give assistance, pretty please share.  I'm not an delicate special little snow flake, more like a worn titanium surgical support rod.


     BDU Shirt Plan V1:

  • 1.) Sleeves:  Remove sleeves at shoulder, attach three side release buckles to shoulders, trim sleeve to extended from wrist to just above elbow, attach three side release buckles to the end of the sleeves, attack two side release buckles to wrist.  Goal; even though these are summer BDU shirts they are still hot as hell for the south east  US.  Removing the sleeves and trimming them allow more air flow and hopefully allow me to remain cooler as well as to easily remove the sleeves if desired.  The wrist buckles are to allow me to get a secure fit as well as to prevent them from falling off if their is a wardrobe malfunction.
  • 2.) Venting: Take the body of the BDU shirt,  remove a four inch strip of material running from underarm to hem and replace with breathable mesh. Move two inches from the underarm mesh towards the back and remove another four inch strip to replace with mesh. Repeat last step.  Remove swatches of material that rest between the pockets and replace with mesh.  Again this is to aid in the ability to cool the hot piece of apparel.
  • 3.) Decoration: Affix a patch to each pocket (4), affix a patch above each top breast pocket.  Replace buttons with leather toggles


     Belt Placement Plan V1:

  • 1.)  Mini Pistol Belt:  This will be the actual support belt and anchor belt for the pants and other belts.  It will go around the waist and keep my pants up.  I will also use it to secure the two 2-inch pistol belts.
  • 2.)  2-Inch Quick Release Pistol Belt #1:  The left hand and back sides of this belt will be attached via ammo pouches to the mini pistol belt, while the remaining length will be left unsecured.  This will allow it to hang low on the right thigh.  Here another ammo pouch will be attached and modified to be used as a holster for the Nerf Maverick or Nerf Spectre (without barrel or stock attachment).
  • 3.)  2-Inch Quick Release Pistol Belt #2:  This will be worn bandoleer style from left shoulder to right hip.  It will be secure to the mini pistol belt with either paracord or shoelaces and a slide clasp. It shall have one ammo pouch at the right hip.  A modified rig will have to be created (have no clue how yet) to allow for either the attachment of the Nerf Recon or Nerf Spectre (with stock and barrel attachment), this will allow me to store the weapon and have the freedom of both hands.

     Speedlace Jungle Boot Plan V1:

  • 1.)  Lacing:  I shall use two pairs of sturdy dress laces (the eyelets of the boot are very narrow) per boot, and shall jump tie at ankle,and top.  This will see to proper retention of the boot.  I have stock black laces but am on the look out for either olive green, or maybe even a nuclear green.
  • 2.)  Decoration:  Thinking about getting a Steel Toe Guard for the boots to add some flash.

     Nerf Guns Plan V1:

  • 1.)  Sand or Dremel the Nerf logos and warnings off the guns.
  • 2.)  Read (carefully) the steps on how to paint a Nerf gun so that it remains operational.
  • 3.)  The Maverick shall be painted like the following scheme. 















  • 4.)  The Recon shall be painted like the following scheme.


















  • 5.) The Spectre shall be painted like the following scheme.

  • 6.)  I'm actually switching some parts around.  The Recon barrel extension and stock would be attached to the Spectre, while the Spectre's barrel and stock will be attached to the Recon.  This is because I think it makes the Spectre look like a limited shot high powered rifle, while the Recon looks more like a sub-machine gun.  The Recon will always be in this format, but I will alter the Spectre from rifle to pistol as I see fit.

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Are you going to mod the NERF guns before painting them (e.g. changing the springs or sealing the vacuum chamber)?

I like. I'd love to see images when you are finished. (or while in progress)

Those guns are amazing. The Steampunk community has been doing something similar with Nerf guns for a while but I've never seen anyone mod them for Dieselpunk look.


I'm really impressed and it's got me thinking about trying something similar. Would it be possible for you to post a DIY tutorial to help us who want to try mods like these?

I will try to take pictures and post them as they come along.  My wife is helping a lot.  I wasn't really planning on the mechanical mods for the Nerf guns (we don't really have a office war or even Nerf war community in the area, we don't really have any community here), but I have been reading up and might try some.  I work with a limited budget so I don't want to damage it.
My Wife's Aquatic Trans-locator, cheap water gun, sanded and painted.  Test for paint dry times, dry colors, and practice.  She is gonna do two more then we move on to the big guns.
Very nice, Post. Well done.
Thank you.   Sorry it took so long, trying to find a lull between school and work.

Larry said:
Very nice, Post. Well done.

So here is the Maverick, lets hear your criticisms, good, bad, and the ugly.  What do you like, dislike, can be improved? 

Wow!  Looking forward to more.  I wish I could get into this as much!  Long story but soon!  Oh, and thanks for the mentioning scrapland.  never heard of them before, but they're about to get some of my business!

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