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I know there's been a lot of discussion about when the Dieselpunk "era" ends, so I hate to dredge that up again, but...

Most of the stuff I've seen leans toward the 50s for upper end of Dieselpunkdom, so the '60s should be outside the realm, but looking at the fashions, the weapons, the vehicles, I'm curious if anyone else would consider The Man from UNCLE (I'm thinking more the TV show, but the recent movie would count, too) to be Dieselpunk? Or at least Dieselpunk adjacent?

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I'm not familiar with the film you're mentioning, but I understand that the 1960s are generally considered part of Atompunk. Besides, they have a very different feel from the noir era.

I would say that it's potentially atomicpunk.

Didn't know that movie, but just looked up some pictures on Google. There are maybe still a few dieselpunkish elements, but the entire atmosphere does not look like Dieselpunk for me. Fedoras are gone, some men even wear turtlenecks.


I haven't seen the movie either but I have to concur that the series would be Atompunk, if anything.  Personally I'm a little iffy on the 50's being DP, it's certainly the twilight of the DP era IMHO.

First of all, those of you who haven't seen the movie should check it out next time you want a fun, light-hearted adventure flick. My wife, father-in-law, and I all really enjoyed it.

Second, I can see where I got mixed up. It occurred to me that the characters dressed a lot like hard-boiled detective Peter Gunn, who I figured was more Dieselpunk. But when I went back to look, I saw that although Peter Gunn's character feels very 1940s, the show was from later (actually mid-'50s, just a year or two before UNCLE premiered).

Third, I'm curious about Joern's comment that "some men even wear turtlenecks." So, you saying turtlenecks would be out for Dieselpunk? Granted, I haven't seen A LOT of photos from the time period featuring them, but according to Wikipedia they harken back to the 15th century and, thanks to Noel Coward, were a brief fad during the 1920s, so I would have thought they'd be okay....

I agree that turtlenecks have existed for a long time before the Diesel ear. However, before the 1950s, they were almost exclusively worn by men working outside, e.g., sailors, farmers, construction workers, etc., and as part of sports outfits. When I remember right, it was Steve McQueen who introduced the turtleneck into rather formal men's fashion. Only then, turtlenecks became fashionable to be worn under a jacket. So, I think, for some roles in a Dieselpunk setting, turtlenecks are okay, e.g., as a sailor or pilot. But you would never wear a turtleneck under a jacket or with a fedora.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (both the TV show and the movie) are definitely AtomPunk.

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