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Greetings folks I just came across this community while doing research for an event and project I have been working on for the past couple months that I am really excited about and wish to share it with you.

It is called "90 Years of The Flemington: A Retro-Spectacle" and the crowd-funding campaign can be found here on Indiegogo.  I also wrote this article in my neighborhood paper giving a little more backstory.  Please share and / or support it if you can!

Essentially I am hosting a 1920s themed 90th anniversary celebration for my apartment building, but after doing some research into the time period, I got really into it and wanted to do more than simply host a party.  So I started brainstorming various projects.  The goal for these projects is $1500 so it isn't terribly elaborate.  I figured I should start small since this is my first time doing something like this, but if this succeeds, I have ideas to build upon it and wish to continue doing more stuff like this.

For now though, with the help of some friends, I wish to take film and photography (using period cameras), some electrical engineering, and live music, put that into a social event, and situate it all historically in such a way that it creates a unique and fun experience that brings together a community (my neighbors et. al) and teaches it something new.  

More specifically, we plan to transform my apartment into a speakeasy for one night and situate everyone in 1924 Seattle.  This project will include putting together a 1920s style radio show, a short film and photo album of images shot at various historical sites around town and at the party, and a 1920s style mechanical television. All of what is produced will be put on public display afterward in some form or another--including the television.

Also, while this a mostly private event, there may be some space if anyone here is from the Seattle area and really wishes to attend.  Just contact me privately first for more details.  Unfortunately, I cannot admit anyone at the door who is not a resident or else already on the guest list.

Thanks for reading!  Questions and comments are welcome!

P.S. I am also looking for folks who would be interested in performing in one way or another as well.

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