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Will is a cargo pilot, charged with flying through the Bermuda triangle on a routine mission.

It doesn't go very well for him.

He ends up crashing in this parralell dimenion, called the Void. Inside the Void are the remnants of what was lost in the Bermuda Triangle in the years past.

With the help of an experimental rocket pack, Will will need to fight his way back to the real world if he wants to survive.

Developer: Capcom
Release Date: Third quarter 2009
Available for: PC, XBOX360, PS3
Gameplay: Third-person action/adventure shooter.


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Before this years E3, it did not look very Dieselpunk. I guess they were just being too selective with what they let showlast year.
It's very scifi, but I still enjoy the style and the feel they're going for.
I guess we could call it a Cyberpunk meets Dieselpunk.
Imagine that: a infant genre meeting its parent.
The Dark Void demo is now available for free download via the Playstation Network.

While the visuals were very exciting and the sense of flying was fun, I found the controls to be difficult at best and the whole game is spiced with poor and repetitive voice acting.

Pass / Rent / Buy

God damnit it...my european PSN still doesn't display the demo :(
I have this right now, but I'm going to finish Mass Effect 2 before I jump into this one.

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