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Nowadays when you hear of Death Cards,you may think of the Tarot pack or a movie about Vietnam.

But in Germany during WWI and WWII death cards or Sterbebilder (what they are called in german) was common to be given to a person who attends a funeral of a fallen soldier .  

He or she is given a Prayer Card,as a remembrance of the deceased. 

The (now called) Death Card depicted the soldiers details and service history and place/battle of death on one side with a religious verse or scripture.

To the other side there is normally a holy scene of crucifixtion or Christ looking down upon the dying soldier.

These cards have become a good reference for people looking into the history of past family members,also a few military websites,have whole sections given to these cards.

As they have become collectable,with top ranking germans and major battle honours being shown on some cards.On WWII cards, one most often finds heroic phrasing like, Sacrificed his life for the Fatherland, so it was more a morale booster than a deterrent. 

Some WWII cards have political sayings and images while others have Jesus with a crown or thorns or a crucifix. WWII cards seem to emphasize Jesus' suffering. As well as some WWII cards which have a rendering of the soldier's grave with his name on the marker. 

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Very interesting. I had never heard of these.

Glad you find them interesting Larry. Collecting these cards as been on the rise in the past few years. People like the famous rarer cards showing fighter aces,or Germans awarded honors in battle. 

Well known battles are also sort after. Some cards can sell for over $150.00 and the good thing is you can also pick up some for as low as $5.00.


Sadly like the Vietnam psycho ops cards,some of these cards are now being copied or forged,and what helps this is the fact any number from 10 to 50 would of been made and given out at a funeral.  

Interesting.  Thanks 59. Look 4ward to more!!!

Very interesting. Thanks!!

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