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Designing a Dieselpunk Baseball Bat worthy of the Mafioso of the Future

Hey there,


I've been a longtime Steampunk, and earlier I've just discovered Dieselpunk and frankly I'm in love with it (I'm surprised I haven't discovered it earlier, since 1920's-40's era in American History, I can't get enough of)


Anyways, my first stint into Dieselpunk I want to do is a simple costume for when I go to Conneticon 11 this year. The concept is a Dieselpunk Mobster. I have the basic suit, suspenders, and tie all rounded up, and I intend to do some modifications to a Fedora soon (Diesel powered Head Warmer anyone?). However I was thinking of a creative prop to create, so I won't do what everyone else does by buying a Nerf Maverick and painting it.


The Mob loved to crack open skulls with a Baseball bat, and whats what I'm aiming to create. 


Would anyone have any ideas on how I could get this done? I was thinking of using the cheap plastic wiffle ball bats as the base, since I doubt I can bring a Louisville slugger. One major Idea I had was to "electrify" the Bat by winding a wire around it, and it ending it with some sort of device with a yank (Think the cord you pull to start a chainsaw) somewhere at the handle)

Anyways, since you've been prowling the streets and skyways before me, anyone else have any ideas or any advice? 

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You could paint it gunmetal silver and mount a trio of polished brass/copper "floating" coils towards the end of it to make it look like you ripped an antennae off of Tesla's house.

Check out false Maria and her chair from Metropolis for inspiration.  

Try using a small electric motor hooked to a simple piston, this way you can make it open up like an ASP baton with the push of a button. The engines easy to make and the piston can be a drawer runner. Ya can even pop a model train vent on there so it looks like the engine's producing smoke from the diesel fuel. 

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