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I just learned of this Dieselpunk anime: "Night Raid 1931". According to the You Tube info:

In the Darkest Shadows... The Prelude to War Begins!
The year is 1931. The City is Shanghai. Ten years before America will enter World War II, the hydra's teeth planted by the first great global conflict are beginning to germinate, hatching into spiders weaving the complex web of plots and conspiracies destined to inevitably draw entire nations, against their will, to the brink of destruction once more. And caught in the heart of these webs, desperately seeking to separate lies from truth, is "Sakurai Kikan," an ultra-secret intelligence agency staffed by extraordinarily talented individuals with abilities far beyond those of normal humans. Their duty: stop the darkest plots and eliminate the greatest threats. But in a city built on intrigue, can even a team of clairvoyants, telepaths and espers stand against the ultimate forces of destiny? As the Japanese Imperial Army rolls across China, documented facts and fantasy intermingle in the breathtaking exploration of alternative history that is NIGHT RAID 1931!



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wow, this looks really interesting, I'll have to watch it at some point.
Nice, but I wish they could have come up with some music that actually fit the visual style, rather than using a bland J-pop melody undistinguishable from a hundred others. Hopefully the music that's actually in the anime has more character.

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