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To all interested parties.

For awhile now people have contacted me about publishing their short stories. There also seems to be more and more posts about this subject on th site. Ever since I posted the ePub primer here in dieselpunks.org, I've been thinking about initiating A group publishing / marketing experiment. Anyone who wants to participle is welcome.

What if we published our own Dieselpunk Anthology?

For now, we will on plan on making one book only. We could distribute it here and/or in all of the ebookstores. It could be a free ebook or we could sell it and use all the proceeds to fund the hosting for this website. I haven't discussed this with Tome but i suspect he'll be interested. We will decide on this before publishing .

As I was thinking about it, i was trying not to get bogged by down by too many rules. the simpler it is the more likely it is to get done, but I know we need some kind of framework to operate within.

** So these are guidelines i came up with…

1 Something diesel. the individual writer decides what the phrase means to them.
2 a story shouldn't be more than 20 pages?
3 poetry is welcomed
4 whatever you create, it should be complete/self-contained/stand-alone idea.
5 you have to do your own editing
6 whoever writes something for the ebook is in the ebook.
7 the individual is responsible for their own copyrights.
8 it has to be original material (as in, it can't be a Shadow reprint)
9 the stories will be in random order in the anthology
10 text only
11 use your existing characters in these short stories if you want to.
12 ebook only

** What would the terms be?

once the ebook is live you can't pull your stuff out, but you can publish your material wherever else you want, since you are the copyright holder.

** what is John Picha willing to put in?

- the cover
- one of the stories.
- I may be willing to fork over one of my open ISBNS (but i have to think more about this one)
- I'll make the epub and mobi finals.
- I'll handle the introduction
- I'll keep everything as simple and as un-sticky as possible.
- I'll get the final on every ebookstore possible.
- answer any questions.

** Who will publish the Dieselpunk Anthology and ePulp Sampler?

I don't want to do this through my accounts, but it can. I'd prefer to see if we can make a dieselpunks account on smashwords just to keep everything simple. I'll discuss this with tome.

** What would it cost to make and publish?

- the cost of an ISBN. it would be about $20 if we used one of mine. not $20 bucks each $20s period. there is a legal entanglement when using the 'free' isbns in smashwords that we should avoid. (if you're familiar with the smashwords contract I'm referring to the indemnity clause.)

** What are the goals?

This experiment can be for fun but also a promotional space for existing series as well a tool to build dieselpunk awareness.

After each story the writer can have a promo-space to direct others to more of their work something like...

"be sure to look for more "adventures of "X" on your favorite iBookstore."

I'm not too worried about making a lot of rules for this part, just think of it as an ad for yourself, just don't make to too long. ha ha. as you're thinking about options remember the same text will be in the books on all the bookstores. feel free to put urls, but not active links.

** wrapping up

Ok that should be enough to get the ball rolling.

basically this little scheme is a learning experience, a showcase, a promotional opportunity and chance to support this website and our community.

- If you're interested just let us know then start writing something.
- There is no approval process.
- it's not a contest it's an experiment.
- Whoever writes something is in.
- Every time we need an unbiased choice I'll roll a six sided dice to decide.

If we can get all the stories in before new years day we can release the book in early January 2013.

If you have any questions, just let me know. this could be a lot of fun.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your typing.


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A long run and jump off the pier would just make it pulpier :)

I've sent you my edit. It's in Word Review mode so if you have any problems with it give me a buzz. I'll be up late tonight Australian time if you want to send anything back in order to get it sorted quickly.

It was a good story. Kinda depressing, but in a good way :) Me thinks we has a good anthology in the works...

Received, and thanks, mate!

John, I sent you a test email.  Be sure to check your junk folder (that's where Grant found my email to him, LOL).  I'll shoot you the finished work probably this eveneing but definately by Sunday night.


I just wanted to give everyone following this thread a little update. I started ePublishing the Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase last night and it's popping up on the various bookstores already. Once all the stores are live tome is going to make an official announcement.

i'd like to do a casual postmortem right here if anyone is interested and wants to jump in. it might be cool to hear

- what we learned

- what the experience what like

- what discoveries were make

- if any misconceptions were lain to rest

- what others experienced from their different vantage points in the project.

- any hitches or glitches

For me this project has been a lot of fun and we'll do a volume 2 next dec/jan. so for those of you who missed out on volume 1, you've got about a year to prep.

Once the postmortem is done i think i'm going to kind of close this thread and start another one called "Marketing Your eBook". there we will basically experiment with ways to get DPES exposure and document the sales results. we cna really try anything to see what happens.. hopefully the "Marketing Your eBook" will grow into a valuable resource for "we  ePub explorers". at the very least i'm sure it will open some eyes, ha ha.


** Showcase Update **

Just in case you missed the shot heard 'round the site, the Dieselpunk Showcase is alive on just about every eBookstore, but you can grab your very own free copy right here on the this site.


For those of you on goodreads, we're there too...


since this phase of the experiment is completed, i'm going to sign off this thread.

as far as the postmortem goes, here is what i discovered...

- it actually went of pretty well.

- a couple of the ebookstores have little clinks and clunks, but if you just contact their tech support they get back right away.

- the longest approval time was 9 days (ibooks)

- the only real hitch was/is with amazon is who for some reason is delaying listing our ebook for free. i don't have an ETA of when that will be corrected but over time i'm sure it will happen. in the mean time you can gat free kindle/mobi version directly from this site.

- all the info in the ePub primer is still accurate. so for those of you who want to venture out on your own, you've got a road map. there were a few slight differences since the original posting, so i added an that info the end of it's thread. http://www.dieselpunks.org/group/authors/forum/topics/welcome-to-jo...

- all of the members of the DPES team, not just the writers and  but others who are supporting it's promotion; including kayleb who posted the DPES cover on pinterest, cap'n tony who is spreading the word across the 7 e-seas, doc for his contractual insights, anita who is sharing it with our friends at backalleynoir, tome for providing us with a launch pad, and anyone else whose efforts i'm not aware of... Thank you all.

- probably the most important discovery i made was, Grant Gardiner is one heck of an effective and efficient editor. i know all the writers on the book are thankful for his typo-sniper skills.

unless anyone has any questions or comments, i'm signing off this thread and will be moving to the next one in the ePub  how-to trilogy...

Phase 1 - was the "ePub Primer". A how-to roadmap of ePublishing.

Phase 2 - was the "Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase". A proof-of-concept e-publishing experiment.

Phase 3 - will be Marketing your eBook...let's see what what else we can discover together.

keep your eyes peeled...


i keep forgetting cap'n tony is a man of many aliases...


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