Dieselpunk + Steampunk Culture

I've put together a video to showcase dieselpunk art and to promote dieselpunk in general. I thought I would post it here for feedback.



Thanks Tome for helping me with the embed code!


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Hi Larry,

Try clicking on the "media" button, then pasting the embed code in there.

YouTube also changed their embed method.  Try using the "old" embed instead of the iframe tag.
Thanks! Now, I know what to do.

Tome Wilson said:
YouTube also changed their embed method.  Try using the "old" embed instead of the iframe tag.
Two thumbs up!
Thanks Lillly!
Wonderful work, Larry ! Congratulations : Dieselpunk definitely owes you a lot. And, of course, I'm honored and proud to have so many of my pictures featured in the video among all those fantastic artists. Thank you very much.


I appreciate those kind words so much. The reason so much of your work is there is because  you're so damn good. You're there because you earned it. :)

The music really goes well with this video and I like that you put the the credits on the images so people can google for the artists work. Awsome!

Thanks, Wilhelm! I wanted both the musician, Wolfgang Parker, as well as the artist to get the recognition that they deserve.


You almost lost me when it started. I was thinking maybe something more period, and then enough music played to hear where you were going. Excellent!
I've got another version titled "Dieselpunk Art Showcase", which I might upload that could clear up any confusion. Thanks for the feedback Virgil.

A very well crafted piece of work!  Bravo.



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