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My wife recently bought the new Elvis Costello CD "National Ransom." There's a great photo of him with a fedora and a vest and my first thought was this was a great example of a casual dieselpunk style. The style of shirt adds a strong diesel era feel to it.

~ Larry

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I think that´s a porkpie hat.
I could be wrong but it the top doesn't seem flat enough to be a Pork pie..
my husband just loves Mr. Costello.  IMO, that's a Homburg hat. 

Pinch-front crown, medium crown and brim. Larry's right, that's a Fedora. He just didn't "snap" the brim down.


A Porkpie has a circular indented crown looking like, well, the crust of a pork pie. IIRC a Homberg has an unshaped crown.

I love Costello's work. I was so disappointed when he stopped making Spectacle on Sundance Channel. He's a real wealth of knowledge of the history of music and an icon in the music industry. Add to that the genius of T Bone Burnett and you have one great CD. I highly recommend it.

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Hexidecima said:

my husband just loves Mr. Costello.  IMO, that's a Homburg hat. 

Good god. 


Damn if he doesn't look smexxy there.


The man that I had the weakest knees for... ever... in my life... I was crazy about him... (sigh) he dressed just. like. that.


every. day. 



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