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Hey there guys & gals! I know you are all loyal listeners of the Diesel Powered Podcast...

Well did you know that in addition to our monthly roundtable discussions and music specials, that we feature a weekly micro-cast that covers Dieselpunk Comics?


The latest episode is here: http://bdcentertainment.podbean.com/e/diesel-powered-podcast-micro-...

But you can hear all of the episodes on iTunes or at http://BDCentertainment.podbean.com!


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Thanks for the heads up, Johnny!  Keep 'em coming.

Hey, Johnny. I think you keep forgetting to mention Justice Inc. which is a comic with Doc Savage and his future self working with The Shadow.

And I haven't heard anything about Masks and Mobsters in your podcasts yet, which is a pulp hero comic series but where the mobsters are the winners. 

And Masks, where The Shadow, Green Hornet, The Spider, and all the other pulp heroes team together to fight evil.

At least, I don't remember, but my memory is always bad. I might of missed them, but I just want to make sure you knew of them.

I cover new books in stores and digital that week, and cool sales on digital. I've covered Justice Inc #1 & 2.
And when Masks and Mobsters was being published I gushed over it on the main shows. Laugh out loud. You need to listen to the archives. :)

The micro-casts are designed to help you know what is new this week. :)
Oh! And make sure you also watch my video show Tales From The Geek on ComicsPriceGuide.com -

okay, just making sure :) I know, masks and mobsters need to be a tv show.

I will definitely check out Tales from the Geek.

Masks and Mobsters was phenomenal! One of my all time favorite series. Josh Williamson knows how to write diesel era characters! If you liked M&M check out his awesome work on Captain Midnight! You can get #0 for FREE on the Dark Horse digital app right now!
I'll check it out on comixology. Also, do you know if The Darkness is still going on? I've only read the fist componium, but that is my favorite Dieselpunk comic series. Nothing better than a elevator full of blood and bodies haha

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