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After a little bit of searching on the internet, I was not able to find a convention that was dedicated to only dieselpunk. Is the community not big enough for a convention yet (I saw steampunk conventions that had some dieslpunk stuff)? If there were a dieselpunk convention, what types of booths / events would you want at it?

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In Germany, there is the annual WGT meeting, which is known as one of the biggest Goth events worldwide. While it started as a pure Goth event, there is now also an increasing share of Steampunk folks. Actually, it looks to me as if a part of the Goth people just switched to Steampunk. Dieselpunk is not yet a recognised issue at WGT. You will see a few people in Dieselpunk-style costumes, mainly uniforms and WWII stuff, but nobody calls them Dieselpunks. The Ottensian style of Dieselpunk is hardly to be seen at all. The reason might be that the Goth scene is very music oriented. Many Steampunk folks like the same music as Goths, so a common event makes sense. Diesepunk music, i.e., music of the swing era, would not really fit in. That's a point where Dieselpunk quite differs from Steampunk. Steampunk people hardly listen to real music of their era, but Dieselpunk people do.

Actually, I'm quite comfortable with that situation. I have to agree with the arguments of Stephen Vossler. I like being part of a subculture that is still far from mainstream. Some people always switch from one subculture to another, just to be part of the most popular one. I would never do that. There are a lot of events that are not labeled Dieselpunk but where you meet a lot of interesting people that would fit into the Dieselpunk scene, even if they do not call themselves Dieselpunks. Examples are:

- Film noir festivals

- Hot Rod events

- Swing and electroswing events

- Art deco exhibitions

- Steam train rides and railroad history events

I always find some events worth a visit. While it couldn't hurt to make the Dieselpunk label a little more popular, I do not see a need for big Dieselpunk events. This would just attract the costume folks that would play Dieselpunks just because it's popular. That would finally lead to the same development that destroyed Steampunk as a subculture.


Around where I am, there are a couple of vintage bicycle clubs that focus on balloon tire bikes of the early 20th that have a little Dieselpunk flair to them, and tweed rides do, as well.

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