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Dieselpunk events at The Steampunk World's Fair (May 20 - 22)

It's official.  I'll be running a dieselpunk track of entertainment at The Steampunk World's Fair in Piscataway, NJ (North Jersey, really close to New Brunswick and NYC) on May 20th - 22nd.

Friday night

I'll be spinning a hot mix of swing, big band, and dieselpunk tunes at the Hidden Speakeasy.  This is an open-bar ticketed event, but it's already sold out.  If you grabbed a ticket already, make sure to bring your dancing shoes.


I'm hosting an hour-long event called What the Pulp is Dieselpunk.  It will be a multimedia presentation discussing what dieselpunk is, where it came from, and where it's headed.  Expect plenty of movies, photos, and music to be on display.

After the presentation, I'm opening the floor for an hour long Dieselpunk Greet & Swap Meet.  It's a chance for us to hang out, listen to some tunes, and trade those little dieselpunk baubles or fashion bits we can't use anymore (for example, I have a pair of WWI spats that are way too small for my boots. I'd rather they go to a good home than sit in my garage.).

Also on Saturday is the Propaganda Rally for Dr. Steel's Army of Toy Soldiers.  I'll be showing the propaganda DVD, playing some tunes by the good doctor, and getting everyone gathered for a group photo shoot.


If all goes well, we're having a How to Take Over the World In Style event, where we'll be showcasing the pulp villainy of our guests with mini-contests like "Best Maniacal Laugh," "Best Elevator Pitch for Conquering Earth," and "Best Death Ray."

When I'm not playing host, I'll be out on the floors having fun.  As a martial artist, I'm interested in the Bartitsu workshop, and the music & antics of Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band can't be missed.

Add the fact that we're expecting about 4,000 - 5,000 people and the event locale is gigantic compared to last year, and I guarantee a good time will be had by those who want to have it.

Event and Ticket Information

To learn about the other performers and to grab your tickets, visit www.steampunkworldsfair.com.  Online registration closes on May 11th, so get your tickets now if you want the discounted price.

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Hope you give us a full report of your mission to the World's Fair.

Mark Donnelly, the fellow who gave the Bartitsu intensives at SPWF, is teaching on July 23 and 24.  It's a fascinating western martial art synthesized from a bunch of different sources around the turn of the 20th century; it is enjoying a resurgence here at the beginning of the 21st.  I'm definitely going to the workshop.  Anyone who's also coming from further than an hour or so who wants to split a hotel room, contact me.


I'm interested.  The Bartitsu workshops were the only things I was really looking forward to, but my performance schedule overlapped all three of his classes.  Glad to hear he's still in the locale.  

Let me roll the idea around for a bit and see if I can get some time off in July.

Donnelly lives in Central PA, so he's relatively close.  I wish I could free up the time to visit his salle (if he's got one)!

I had a fabulous time this year, and The Engine Room was the BEST event I went to.  Thank you so much for being a wonderful host! 


Also, your What the Pulp is Dieselpunk was terrific.  And I am glad to see you have it on the You-Tube.  You have opened my eyes, and I realize now I am more Diesel than Steam.  


Thanks again!

Me, too, Ms Palmieri.  I just dig Sky Captain more than Captain Nemo, I guess. ;-)  

Wish I could have made your panel, Mr Wilson!



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