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I'm a Dieselpunk enthusiast from Southern California. I found out about the genre a few years ago, and recently decided to branch out on different places online. Subculture is something that has always fascinated me - particularly how it relates to music genres. With that in mind, I would say my favorite Dieselpunk musical style falls within the Electro Swing spectrum of genres currently. I'm interested in finding about more types of music, aesthetics, and literature related to Dieselpunk, and making friends with those of you here in the forum. If there any any lists or compendiums you could share with me, particularly on music subgenres, I would be most appreciative.

For those of you who might be interested, I'm in the process of forming a Discord chat server based on Retrofuturisms of various types, and would love for some of you to be apart of it.

If any of you are interested, setup a Discord account (completely free) and click the following permanent hyperlink to join.

Retrofuturism Discord Server

For Clockpunk, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Raypunk, and Atompunk


My screen name is Eugenius#4496


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