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A representative of the Tandy Leather Factory recently contacted me. The company is exploring opportunities for the company to get away from the Western stereotype and get more involved in different genres and subgenres of various communities. The company has been involved in Steampunk for a while and they’re researching getting involved in Dieselpunk. They need information as to how the company might be able to support our genre.

If you have ideas on how Tandy Leather could support Dieselpunk, please post your ideas here. The representative said that they would watch the forum. If you wish to contact the representative, then please message me and I will get you in contact.

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Some simple, INEXPENSIVE holster kits (including for Broomhandles).

Since SASS shooters must be millionaires leather holsters have been getting scarce and pricey over the the past couple decades. 

Affordable silk liners for old leather jackets might be expecting too much but I have two wonderful old flying jackets hanging in my project closet.  They look fine but I have worn the linings out.  I have been waiting for one to come back from repairs for over twelve years. 

Various leather gaiter kits:

I am searching for a leather jacket to wear on my casual shirts online. Here leather looks good, strong and long lasting.

Markley R. Reid - do you have a sketch or picture of roughly what sort of jacket you are looking for?

Just some more pictures of the band used to convert pocket watches to wrist watches. 

Where did you find the watch strap?

Hello Mark,

I have not found one of these pocket wrist watch straps yet just a lot of evidence that they were worn around 1902-WW I.  I suspect that they were an aviator inspired fashion.  We almost forget today how aviators were viewed then and how badly people wanted to imitate them. 

This site seems to offer them for sale: http://mkleathers.pl/?cat=14 but it does not list the prices so I am afraid to ask.  This is why I would like to see these, or kits, offered at Tandy/the Leather Factory prices. I can do a little leatherwork but have had little luck at wetshaping leather like this.

"Being a pilot does not automatically make you cool but if you know a really cool person they are probably a pilot." 

Mark Anthony Henderson said:

Where did you find the watch strap?

Thank you for the information. I agree, being aviator is still quite cool in my opinion. Also, aviator-inspired fashion is top notch.

A sizable part of the dieselpunk cosplay is military, and even for those that don't cosplay, such as myself (other than on Halloween), military items can spice up a sharp outfit with a little dieselpunk flare. Keeping that in mind, I'm always wishing that there were more olive drab (Army green) leather items and kits available. I have an amazing O.D. green leather military jacket from 1950, and I've countless times wished that I could get a matching belt, spats, gloves, etc., in leather. I love leather, and on any occasion that I find something in O.D. green, I snatch it up. I'd even like another military influenced army green jacket, so that don't have to wear the actual old one, which is a prized possession.


Someone else has jumped on the pocket watch wristbands.  $16.99 and up with free shipping.  

Some Art Deco purses, please, with the possibility of being worn across the body. Many of us have gotten addicted to that in place of shoulder bags. All of us could use the military-style messenger bags, but giant modern bags just don't make it with a neatly tailored Deco dress or suit.

Art Deco leather patterns are not as intimidating as the scrolly Victorian/Old West stuff, but can work up nicely in seeders and all without having to go to full-bore carving. Wallets, belts, utility belts for adventurers especially. Popular Science Monthly had leather-working articles. I'd never seen a braided leather necktie before.

How about a pattern for converting plain leather pumps to spectators? Dance stores have the right shape shoes (and with reinforcement in the shank and all), but they're never spectators. (Spectator shoes: the light ones with the perforated dark leather on heels and toes (black, brown, navy), so you can wear them three seasons of the year, and out on fields that would get white shoes filthy.) I was raised in the Church of Holy Spectators, where they are considered the ultimate class in shoes -- and it's hard to find any that fit.

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