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I finally got around to taking pictures of some of the miniatures I've painted for Dust Tactics. There are also a few Crimson Skies, Bolt Action, and Wargames Factory miniatures in there, too. I should be adding more soon, since I still have the lamps and backgrounds set up.

Flickr Dieselpunk Collection

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I think I've got all of my currently-painted dieselpunk-ish miniatures put up now (still two Crimson Skies planes to finish painting, a Brigand and a Fury). This includes a couple of British squads from Bolt Action and the remaining Allied troops from Dust.

Dieselpunk Collection on Flickr

And just to bookend the dieselpunk, a couple of steampunk and atomicpunk minis:

One more diesel-era mini added to the gallery. A Brigand done up in the original Red Skulls colors.The skulls on the wings are decals; the ones on the fuselage were done freehand.

Fun fact: the Red Skulls looked like this throughout the original miniatures game. Then the PC and XBox games came along and introduced the Fortune Hunters, a group of "good guy" pirates whose planes are also primarily red. When the clicky-base game was created, they used factions from both the miniatures and PC games, so to avoid confusing the "good" air pirates with the "evil" air pirates, the Skulls became rust-brown. I prefer their original colors. Johnnie Khan deserves better than rust brown.

Any comments? Anybody? Is this thing on?

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