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Here's a thread to post images and information regarding some true dieselpunk beauties.

I know the BMW R7 prototype had a thread of its own, so I was hoping this one to be created solely for other bikes.

Info of both of these here

Info here

Info here

More pics here

Info here

Here's the website i've been checking for all these awesome bikes. Help me out going through all the pages!

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Thank you.
Found this baby today. It's a custom built with an airplane engine.


Wow. Some truly incredible bikes..
Jesse James had a similar bike come of his shop not too long ago as well. Except that his airplane engine was inline with the rest of the bike. So, imagine taking the propeller off of a plane, and hooking it to the back wheel via a fat chain.

Is this Dieselpunk?
HOLY *****

That looks awesome. Is that custom-made? What was the original model name?
His name is Dingo, and he is a kit bash I made mostly out of a 1978 Kawasaki KZ400.
When it isn't snowing, he is my daily ride to the office.
Glad ya like it... :)
I bookmarked this address two days ago. There is tons of information. http://motorbicycling.com/
If you dug this bike try this site. http://ratbike.org/ Evidently it is a big movement in the EU. Go to the readers rides section.
not just EU.
There are alot of us Ratbikers around, hell there is a whole type called survival that screams mad max.
In case anyone is interested, Dingo is for sale.

PM me if interested.

Sgt Monster said:

Is this Dieselpunk?

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