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When I heard Squirrel Nut Zippers today on NPR it got me thinking. I was wondering if it was possible to put together a list of dieselpunk music.

First, how to define it would seem to be a challenge. While it's tempting to include the actual bands of the 20's through 40's (Gotta love Count Basie, Glenn Miller and such) it seems to me that we might want to limit ourselves to contemporary bands.

Second, if we're going to limit ourselves to contemporary bands then what style of music is the next question. It's my opinion, for what it's worth, that possibly we should limit it to bands and entertainers who's style pays tribute to the era while not necessarily playing the same songs.

Finally, trappings and style I would assume should have a feel for that era though again not necessarily the same. So we could allow those who dress in pseudo-twenties or thirties.

So here's some bands that come to mind:
Squirrel Nut Zipper (as previously mentioned)
Henry Connick, Jr.
Great American Swing Band
Michael Bublé
Brian Setzer Orchestra

I would love to hear what others think.
~ Larry

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John McLaughlin & The Rogues are a must listen. Our music nestles in nicely somewhere between Nick Cave & Tom Waits. Described as everything from sepiachord to errie americana, broken music box to after hours smoke filled club drifting through a wall. That old school feel has a touch in all the music. Debut album coming out in early 2010. Follow the link, get free downloads. http://www.reverbnation.com:80/johnmclaughlin Enjoy the 3 songs i have included. I just became aware of this whole culture after "Pretty Little Girl" was made Sepiachords song of the day. It is a pleasure to be here and find a place where my music and I feel at home.
Thanks for the gifts, John!

Much appreciated.
I bought a CD of Christmas music today and was pleasantly surprised to hear a cut from Leon Redbone. I think it's safe to label his music as Dieselpunk. I can't believe I forgot about this sharped dressed man when I started this thread.
Leon Redbone Web Site

While watching Later with Jools Holland I saw a band that we need to add to the list:
The Specials
How could we forget Leon Redbone?

And let's not forget another dapper-dressed gent, Dr. John.

Add Lee Presson and the Nails to the list. http://www.myspace.com/reichmarshall
I always saw The Specials as the godfathers of Ska. Ghost town is the big single that sticks in my head.
For another must listen I'll plug my band Mather Louth and Radio Noir. http://www.reverbnation.com:80/matherlouthandradionoir Imagine drifting through the seedy underbelly of New York City haunted by distant memories of the desert, the mythic night of Gotham undercut by desolate ghost town loneliness. Imagine listening to bourbon-soaked blues, pierced by the thousand yard stare of a moonlit coyote. Image the pulse of the dark nocturnal city and the tassel swinging rhythmic release that disrupts the despair of long, dark stretches of a barren wasteland. Imagine hearing strains of seedy speakeasy jazz blowing on the arid wind. You have just imagined the burlesque blues and swamp jazz of Mather Louth and Radio Noir.
Your description alone is cool. I'll have to check them out.
I like it. The organ and horns have a slinky 1960's feel to them, and the female singer has the type of voice that could tear you apart on Broadway or in a lounge depending on how hard she was drinking that night.

Great job, Jon. Can you start a new thread for the band so we can keep track of your progress (new tunes and such)?
Surprised no one has mentioned Diablo Swing Orchestra, World Inferno Friendship Society, The Real Tuesday Weld, or FM Einheit (particularly the song "Princess Crocodile").

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