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So since I plan to run a Dieselpunk community I've been quite busy trying to get a handle on what it means exactly to be a Dieselpunk.  Now before you respond, keep reading.  Yes I saw the other two threads that discuss this, but I'm taking it a different direction.

What is Dieselpunk that Pulp Noir is not?

One can easily see that "Sin City" both the comic and the movie, is Pulp Noir.  But is it also Dieselpunk?  One of my friends said no it wasn't, I asked why.  He said it was lacking fantastical elements like sentient robots or mad scientists.  I countered with Dick Tracy, other than the two-way radio watch it's not much different than Sin City.  So is the two-way radio watch the only thing that would make Dick Tracy Dieselpunk?   What about before Dieselpunk was coined?  It was pulp, it was one of the influences for noir.  So it's probably Pulp Noir.

What about Sky Captain?  Beyond a doubt an icon of Dieselpunk.  And yet,  It's film noir.  It's a pulp style hero, it's Pulp Noir.  

SF Weekly journalist Matt Smith used the term Pulp Noir to describe the act of "Sprinting to the crime scene, skidding on your heels, and yelling at everyone and nobody in particular: 'Who's in charge here?'"  To me, that attitude is right at home in Dieselpunk.

Another Observation, most of my friends who identify as being dieselpunk dislike the term and feel it's forced, or gives too much credit to steampunk or cyberpunk.

Ever see Reign of Death?  (movie poster here: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2009/09/06/reign-of-death-the-noel-clar... )  Admittedly, I have not seen it, but see that robot back there?  This is being described as Pulp Noir.

So I present the question.  Aren't we really just fans of Pulp Noir?  How is it different than Dieselpunk?

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This forum has already inspired me greatly. In fact, I know think of myself as 'dieselpunk' when I used to consider myself 'steampunk.' Don't get me wrong. I love steam. It's just this is what I identify with most.
I don´t think they are ripping off steampunk, anymore than Civil War reenactors are ripping off Medieval reenactors. Steampunk and dieselpunk is the same thing, based on different eras. Tell them that.

This website is not easy to navigate, how do you find the latest replies in a tree like this?
That's a good response Atterton.
This tree-system sucks.

Is this style better?
Sure, most people have learned if you're replying to a specific person to include the person's name and maybe an @. This is more like the standard on every message board I've been on.
@Larry - Good to know.

If you guys ever want me to change anything to make this site easier to use, just let me know. It's built to be flexible.
I like the recent changes that you've made. That's also more consistent with other boards.

Tome Wilson said:
@Larry - Good to know.

If you guys ever want me to change anything to make this site easier to use, just let me know. It's built to be flexible.
Isn´t the @-thing just a Twitter thing has has spread out? I think it seems rather silly. As for the message board itself, I prefer a format more like for example that of Brassgoggles or the Fortean Times forum.
okay this is coming from a complete novice to both dieselpunk and pulp noir lol but now oddly enough you have awakened my interest in the pulp noir genre as well as dieselpunk now..(Irony)
but from what I found on wikipedia, since pulp noir seems to be sub genre it could be very possible for both these to verge since you can hardly ever see a genre that is not crossing over into something of some kind. Dare I say there is no such thing as a "Pure Genre" anymore.

Also it seems that dieselpunk is a version of pulp itself since wikipedia again refers to that it was inspired"mid-century pulp" at least when it is referenced to fictitious works. they also throw in the term neo-noir which I assume is another genre of noir but I am not entirely sure as to what it refers to
lol I love the hobbies I get into the terms are just so fun, epically stuff like retro-futuristic I wanna come up with just excuses now to throw terms like that around now.
I feel there is a difference between dieselpunk fiction and pulp.

Whereas pulp adventure fiction could fit into the overall definition of dieselpunk, it does not define the whole of dieselpunk fiction. Remember, "pulp" was a printing medium, not a style. It encompassed romance, biographies, high fantasy, space operas, barbarian sword-and-sorcery, and jungle adventure alongside the stereotypical proto-superheroes like Shadow and Doc Savage. Pulp was just the paper stock these lurid tales were printed on.

When taken from the "pulp adventure" standpoint, there's also a divide. Dieselpunk can have a pulp adventure feeling, but it could also have a weird fiction feeling, or just a straight up contemporary tale within a 1920s setting. For examples of the later, refer to how Baz Lurman adapted Romeo & Juliet in a contemporary setting, and set Moulin Rouge in a classic setting, but modernized the music and characters within that setting. Done that way, it could be completely separate from a "pulp" story, or a "noir" story.

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