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I'm looking to explore dieselpunk some more, and some of the best ways to discover new favorites is to look at other people's top ten list, so I would like y'all to share your top ten dieselpunk items. They can come from movies, TV shows, books, music, art, video games, board games, you name it. I'm interested in seeing what you would take to your dieselpunk, desert island.

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Well let's see...

Off the top of my head and in no particular order.

1. Fedora - Indiana Jones

2. Cutter's Goose (Grumman Goose flying boat) - Tales of the Gold Monkey

3. Jet Pack - The Rocketeer

4. Hindenburg III (Zeppelin) - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

5. 1938 Phantom Corsair (Automobile) - Real Life 

6. Trench coat - Sam Spade, Carmen Sandiego, et al 

7. Chrysler Building/Empire State Building/Art Deco - Life imitating art.

8. Maschinenmensch/Robot Maria - Fritz Lang's Metropolis

9. The Santa Fe Super Chief (Passenger Train) - Reality

10. Gas Mask - Sandman Mystery Theatre, Real Life

All of mine that weren't listed above.

  1.  Colt 1911 automatic Pistol  (the Shadow, Spider, Phantom)

  2. Auto Gyro  (the Shadow, Tom Strong, etc.)

  3. Villains with monocles  (Blofeld, the Penguin, Rex Velvet)

  4. Leather flight helmets  (Spy Smasher,  Captain Midnight)

  5. Thompson submachinegun  (any gangster movie)

  6. Garbage Can Robots  (Undersea Kingdom, Commando Cody)

  7. Riding on running-boards firing weapons  (just too cool)

  8. Heroes in jodhpurs  (Doc Savage, Twilight Avenger)

  9. Spats, gaiters or leggings  Unique dieselpunk style

  10. Double breasted coats  (Rocketeer, Agent G8, The Qustion)

Here are mine:

  1. Fedora
  2. Trenchcoat
  3. Bigband swing music
  4. Tommy guns
  5. Streamlined trains
  6. Art deco achitecture
  7. Film noir
  8. Industrial brick buildings
  9. B/W photography
  10. Dark vintage style bars

I would have to say these...

1. Noir Media

2. Military (air force) dress (flight cap, service cap, service jacket) 

3. Gas Mask

4. Shoulder holsters

5. Rivets

6. Bullets

7. Alternate universe

8. Detective stories

9. Factories

10. Villains wanting world domination

Most of what I thought of have been mentioned, except for clunky killer robots like the one Doctor Satan used.

1.       Luger pistol

2.       Browning High Power pistol

3.       Broomhandle Mauser (preferably a selectfire Schnellfeuer machine pistol)

4.       Cord 812 sedan

5.       Mercedes 540K Autobahnkurier

6.       Duesenberg SJ

7.       Auburn Boattail Roadster

8.       Zeppelin dirigible

9.       Boeing flying boat

10.   Casablanca movie


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